Friday, June 23, 2006

Another bit of excitement

We're another step closer. Yesterday the CCAA changed their website to show that children had been allocated for all files logged in up to and including 28th June (we were logged in on 19th August - that means they have 48 days of files to get through!) - that means we're now officially the next Victorian Batch to be allocated! This lot of allocations was an increase in the number of days too - they allocated 13 days - which is a vast improvement on a few months ago. We can realistically say that there is an outside chance we'll get allocation in August (travel Oct), a slight inside chance for September (travel Nov) and a reasonably strong chance for October (travel Dec) our precious little girl could be home for Christmas. It's almost too scary to say. I'm feeling really excited at the moment....will post again soon on other "life" events that are going on.