Friday, December 31, 2010

...just for a bit of fun on the last day of the year!

Just a bit of a fun photo shoot and then the gingerbread house we all did together!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Then it was time to celebrate with family

Today we arrived in Lakes Entrance and it was so lovely to be together with the whole family. Eb was straight into it as soon as we arrived and loved time with the girls. I just loved time with my siblings and mum and dad! Here's some photo of the fun that was ...2 days after Christmas!

so lovely to see Eb finally giving hugs!

and the 'cake' I was yummy but naughty!

and lastly a little video of Eb and Lizzie enjoying a Christmas themed thingy on Mum's laptop...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day - Forever Day 2010

Sadly today didn't end up even close to what I had planned - for so many reasons.

The biggest reason was the fact that I backed the car into the garage door (from the inside) and it really did my day in. I just couldn't really pick myself up. Thankfully we had already done the gifts with Eb so that didn't take away from her day - but we didn't celebrate our Forever Day - by the time the evening came I was so emotionally exhausted I was a wreck.....and add to that the fact that we had a huge day with Graham's family the next day. Anyway - here are some snippets of the day...not brilliant photo's though :(

...and to add to the day - the cubbyhouse we'd been holding for Ebony ended up being WAY too small for her!

and some fun video's to enjoy!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fun times a few days before Christmas

Just a bit of a fun day - firstly a conversation about Santa....

Then Eb lay down and 'read' the latest 'Ni Hao' magazine (published by the Families with children from China group)....

Then it was time for a bike ride...complete with angel wings of course!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kinder graduation

Oh no - kinder is over :( I have so enjoyed watching you grow this year...particularly the last half when you settled in to teacher #3 for the year. It's been a tough year for you emotionally - but not with growth. Gaby, the kinder aide, has been your rock and your favorite. She is beautiful and loves you so much. I think we will both miss her. Marisel has stepped up when we didn't know what was going to happen for a teacher. She too is a gorgeous person and she has helped you so much.
Another year passed - huge, huge steps forward. I am so proud of you and how you are adjusting. Your 'report' in term one had me concerned....but your latest report showed a healthy, happy, well adjusted little kinder girl.....yay for you honey.

singing for the mums and dads....

with all your little class buddies...

'that's me!'....

receiving your graduation certificate from Marisel...

and a bag of goodies from Gaby.....

and a final goodbye...with the playground you've been to so often in the background...two different stages in your life....although I'm sure the playground will be fun for years to come!

Monday, December 13, 2010

A little responsibility

Oh how sweet are you my little princess...I've started to ask you to 'fold' your clothes when you take them off and here's your first brought a tear to my eyes. You are so beautiful! xx (you are - after all - only 5 and 4 months!)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nativity in the Bush 2010

This is an annual event - but it was just a bit sad that it started so late and the young children actually had to appear when it was dark. This - of course - freaked Eb out and she wouldn't leave my lap. Early on, when it was light - she had a ball as you'll see :)

This is where she wouldn't leave my lap...

but at least a got a photo of my little angel!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

More Christmas photo's and our Myer photo for 2010

A trip to Albury on a very hot day to have our Myer Photo done for 2010. Eb dressed up for me but I have this sneaky feeling it could be the last year she'll do that. She's getting too big!
We went to the Albury Botanical Gardens where we had a bit of fun with photo's's the result of the day. (and you might notice Graham has a cast...he fell of a roof and lucky his wrist was all that was broken!)

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

School orientation and swimming

Is this really happening? will my little buddy really go to school next year? I'm just not ready.
Today we had school orientation and then had swimming. As you can see - Eb was quite happy about both which really surprised me!

Look at the way Eb is clinging onto Shelley's top!

Monday, December 06, 2010

Our anniversary....a night in Melbourne Town with our gorgeous girl

We have had such a lovely weekend. We stayed at Avenel on Saturday night and then made our way into Melbourne Town for a night of fun and celebration of 18 years of marriage. We decided to included Eb in our celebration - because she's still not ready to be left without us.
Our 'bed' for the night - the gorgeous 'Sofitel Hotel'....for almost nothing!

Our arrival in town - (we caught the train from Clifton Hill)...

Then it was 'Federation Square' for dinner... where Ebony had lots of fun (wearing Mummy's glasses) and dancing, chasing seagulls and relaxing on one of the Christmas seats....

We even got a photo of us on the big screen at Fed Square

Love this photo of Eb looking at a man painting on the footpath - he was so talented and she seemed to appreciate it

Then it was off to the Myer windows where the theme for 2010 was 'The Nutcracker'. It was so beautiful but very hard to capture at night on a photo...

This was taken in the foyer of the Sofitel...

The view from our room....absolutely spectacular

Leaving our room and the view of the restaurant at level 35 (we were lucky enough to be on about level 41!)

A fun family photo in the park on Monday morning...

And our little treasure on the train heading back to Clifton Hill....