Friday, October 29, 2010

Then there was the school uniform

Oh my gosh - if there's anything to bring you back to reality it's seeing your 'baby' in her school uniform! What can I say.....that you haven't already heard that is (I'M NOT READY FOR THIS!)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

School Orientation #1

I can't believe that this day has come. Today my little girl....who I'm sure was only a baby yesterday, does her very first school orientation. She was so excited .... I was so apprehensive. I just don't feel ready for the whole 'school' thing - but I guess that's just part of having a beautiful, growing girl in the household!

ready to get on the bus ....

waiting in line...

still very excited ON the bus... we're there and lined up ready!

yes - in the classroom, but checking to see I'm still around!

this is fun mummy!

...the end result

..then some lunch before heading back to Kinder....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lakes Entrance

Mum has just had some surgery for pain relief and had asked if I would come and help out. We couldn't go until Wednesday after kinder because it was Kinder Photo Day! I couldn't possibly miss that because it's a 'one and only' event! We had a lovely couple of days with Mum and Dad - I got some craft done and tried to be some help!.....Eb just had fun being Eb or watching TV or playing games on the computer! (complete with the cap that Mum made her which we both love!)

Watching TV Ebby style!

and playing with the computer....

for those of you who haven't seen my 'new' car! This was taken at the top of Mt Hotham on the way home.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Too cute NOT to put on here!

Ah the innocence and joy of being 5! I just love watching this and love it even more because of the complex little girl I have. A little girl who had to be peeled from me at first to participate .... and then wants to be right up the front!

Axel's birthday

Eb's favorite 'boy' friend Axel invited her to his party - even though it was a swimming day I knew we couldn't miss it!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I'm not really much into the whole Halloween scene - but I have to say that I absolutely love this little 'costume' I got for Eb (for $11.99 from Go Lo!) seems to bring out her cheeky personality too!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Last ever Kinder Duty

I'm fairly sure today will be my last kinder duty ever. Makes me kinda sad - but I also know it's just part of the process of growing up. I'm just glad I'm aware of the lasts as well as the firsts.
Marisel has been the best teacher to Eb and although she still struggles with letting go of me - she is very comfortable with Marisel and Gaby - they both get great 'huggles' from Eb and she does love them in her special way!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Swimming Term 4

Well - things have not really settled when it comes to swimming. Eb gets very distressed before she goes in the water. Thankfully she is fine before too long and starts to really enjoy it and is even mastering putting her face under water!....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dancing at home....

Just having a bit of fun at home!

Friday, October 08, 2010

Dancing 'Agadoo'

It's so cute to watch. These precious little 4/5 year olds making fine work of Agadoo. Eb is so cute because she thinks she knows the words - but she really doesn't at all!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sweet little Stephanie comes for a visit....

There is only one other family in Australia (that we are aware of) that has a beautiful little girl from Suixi, Guangdong. Stephanie and her Mummy and Daddy live in Sydney and we have become close friends. I was thrilled when they said they were coming to stay. They stayed up at Falls Creek for the last night of the ski season and we actually went up there and had dinner with them. The next day, after our guests left, they made their way down to us and we had a lovely few days together. The girls got on so very well. There is only 2 months between them in age - but Stephanie would have to be the tiniest little almost 5 yo I know!

Fun at Falls Creek

Even though it was cold - there was still fun to be had dressed up on the deck with bubbles!

Then it was over to Bright for some fun times....

Particularly love this one of Stephanie with her Daddy....

...and this one of my precious girl...

....more fun in the park at Bright

and some left overs from the floods

and finally a fun dessert shared by two beautiful Suixi girls at Settlers Pub on the last night...

It was such a lovely time - so glad that they could come and stay. Now we just look forward to next time!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Families with Children from China cultural camp 2010

Oh what a week!
Graham was able to stay for the first afternoon, night and then the next morning before he had to head back home to work in Mt Beauty.
Eb and I had more fun that I could have imagined possible!
The location was perfect - Bendigo.
Here are some photo's and video that will explain the events!

First up was an official welcome at the Bendigo Town Hall - it was terrific to see the effort that FCC went to - these two gorgeous characters (whose names I just can't remember!) where there to greet us - I wasn't at all sure how Eb would go - but she was fine!

as you can see!

Then it was the formal welcome...

and a bit of time for some photo's in the park after the welcome...

Then this first video was taken on the very first night. There was a dinner at a wonderful Chinese Restaurant in Bendigo and the children were all set up on tables at the front and we Daddys and Mummy'\s were further back. I wasn't at all sure how Ebony would cope at first - but she swung straight into action and had a ball! When they started the Karaoke she was first up there and when asked if she wanted to participate you couldn't keep her away! She was first up and this was her performance :) (There must have been over 150 of us there but that didn't bother her at all!.....

along with some photo's.....

and a prize! (that is almost bigger than Eb!)

Monday morning it was off to Bendigo Pottery. I loved this 'event' and so did Ebony. It was also great that Graham could be there to enjoy this. Eb got to choose from a plate or a mug and she chose a plate to decorate (with Mummy's help of course)

Eb, Eliza and Meisie watching someone else at work...

some photo's in the grounds of Bendigo Pottery

Then some craft in the afternoon - making dragons!

Interspersed with lots of fun of course!

When we got back to our hotel room, Eb thought it was time to enjoy her prize!(she only ate about 1/10th of it by the way!)

The next morning was spent at the Bendigo Chinese Museum where there were great opportunities for photo's!

Eb and Ruby...

The beautiful grounds of the Chinese gardens at Bendigo...

Eliza, Eb and Meisie with their 'dragons'....

Some much enjoyed 'kite flying'.....

Then a cultural dance session....which Eb loved!

Then it was the last day! and it started with some time with the people from 'Circus Oz'. Once again - it was a physical activity and Eb was in her element...


Final fun in the park outside the venue....

Then it was time to head home. I couldn't resist some time in the Canola fields....