Saturday, May 31, 2008

A holiday to remember - Narooma with my parents

Yep – we’ve been ‘on the road again’. This time we’ve travelled all the way to Narooma on the mid-south coast of New South Wales. I hoped to make the trip in one day but it wasn’t to be. Long story – but I ended up getting a motel in Cooma and had a lovely relaxing long sleep there and got on the road fresh and ready the next day.

My little angel sleeping in the big bed

Then waking the next morning

Trying to play hide and seek before we left

650kms later we arrived on Thursday to see the final few ends of my Dad bowling. We had a lovely 7 nights and it was real joy to see Eb spending time with her Pa and Nana and them all getting to know each other better (and Dad and Mum learning to understand Eb’s gabble!).

For me, one of the greatest joys was spending really great quality time with my girl. Every day, after Eb woke from her afternoon sleep, we went for a walk somewhere. Sometimes it was just around the streets and sometimes to a park. One day we walked 3km (yep Eb walked it!) to the ocean and had a wonderful time on the sand and taking photo’s.

While we’ve been away Eb’s learned to say ‘fwight’, she’s answered OK to a question, she’s started to tell me when she ‘hurts’ herself, she got to enjoy her first ever chocolate donut! – she learned that to wave to someone is different to the waves on the ocean – she learned to play ‘stop’ and ‘go’ when we’re walking – she frightened the life out of me a number of times on the wharf when she got a bit close for comfort and kept wanting to ‘lean’ into the water – she happily lay in bed with me for ½ to ¾ hour after she woke while we waited for 7am before we got her bottle – she played beautifully by herself often and didn’t watch too much TV – she tried on all of Pa and Nana’s shoes – she did LOTS of singing – she looked at the ocean and said ‘washing’.

It was such a special time - a special holiday. Very different with 'daddy' not being there - but we coped ok. The weather was very kind to us and I just loved having really carefree time with my little girl - thanks to my precious Dad and Mum for making it possible. I love you both.

Reading with Nana

Very cute photo of Eb mimicking Pa

Sweet princess

Checking out the scenery

and the play equipment

couldn't pass up a photo of the spectacular views on our walks

too cute

first ever merry-go-round

and first ever chocolate donut!

a cuddle with mummy by the ocean

hip-hip-hooray beside the 'aussie map' in the rocks at Narooma

just a cute shot

a final walk with Nana

and finally, the last photo of Pa, Nana and Eb just before we left to come home.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Over this past week I’ve had the absolute joy of spending lots of time one on one with my darling girl as we’ve travelled to visit my Mum and Dad for a brief stay (while they are holidaying in Narooma). We stayed in a Motel on the way and my little princess fell asleep on the ‘big’ bed while I relaxed after a gruelling day of driving. I was just too exhausted to get out the porta cot.

While we’ve been up here in Narooma, the sleeping patterns were very disturbed initially and I’ve been bringing Eb into bed with me in the early hours of the morning. What that has done is given me the privilege of watching her sleep and watching her wake up - something I’ve never really been able to do. She’s waking a little later because her sleeping has been a bit erratic, but I’ve been waking earlier.

To watch my little princess sleeping - her beautiful soft raven hair as it has fallen over her tiny round, perfect little face – to see her little chest rise and fall – to see her little rosebud lips form the sucking motion that it does – to watch her eyes move around while still closed – to see how much her ‘snugly’ is part of her sleeping and how much she loves it and to watch her still tiny hands grasping for it – to see how at times those tiny hands reach out to grasp mine too …. oh such joy! – to watch her slowly starting to wake up and then when she sees my face right there beside her to have her face light up into the most beautiful of smiles and then her lips to form the word ‘bottle’ as she relies on me to provide her needs. 2 years and 9 months – another long wait to see what most parents have the privilege of seeing from birth. And once again absolutely worth the wait.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just some thoughts.....

These are just some thoughts I put on paper while I sat and Eb slept on our night in a Motel in Cooma on the way to visit my Dad and Mum.

My darling girl
I sit here - it's 8.30pm on Wednesday 21st May, 2008
We're on our own in a a Motel in Cooma
I've never stayed in a Motel on my own - let alone with my daughter
That is what you are - my daughter
At times I can't believe it
You're now 2 and 9 months
I can't believe how time as flown
We're together - forever
I love you with a love that knows no bounds
How did I ever live without you?
That's one of the miracles of life live without when you know no different
Then to know what you've missed
I've missed you all my life
I love you - adoring you is wrong
I adore your Daddy - he made you possible
I couldn't have done it without him
You are so innocent - so pure
You haven't been tainted by the world yet
But that will come
I can see how poets are born
How to express feelings that are so incredibly deep
They are very hard to express

that's what it is
She knows nothing else
She loves us like she's been with us forever
.....however will that be the story for her?
For now her love is like the opening blossom on a tree at springtime
It's perfect - it has no flaws
It is complete
But will it stay like this forever?
When will the questions start?
When will the doubts set in?
They will
A fallen world promises that
My love for her is beyond measure
It's beyond anything I ever expected
.....or anticipated
It's complete
But will she feel that way?
Or will many of her tomorrows hold pain?
That's not what I want for her - it's far from it
Can I save her from these emotions - these questions?
I can't
I would give my life if I could save her from the doubts - but I can't
They are part of her journey
All I can do is be there.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A wedding and a naming day

We were invited to our Nephew's wedding and his daughter's naming day. It was a lovely weekend. Eb and I caught the train from Melbourne where we had been up to Benalla and then Graham picked us up from Benalla and we made our way to Alexandra. We stayed in a cabin in a Tourist Park and it was all a bit of a rush. I wasn't at all sure how Eb was going to cope with all that had been going on and no sleep - but she was a star as usual. She had a ball. I thought I would have to bring her 'home' for a sleep between the wedding and the reception - but she was firing on all cylinders and she lasted at the reception until about 7ish when I thought I better be wise and bring her home. Once I lay her down (in our big bed for the first time ever without us) I thought she might try and get up, but she was amazing and I think she was asleep within minutes and there she slept happily until Daddy arrived home and we moved her to her cot.

Believe it or not.....the wedding 'car'

The happy family

Enjoying the atmosphere

In Pa's walker

More fun with Pa

Filling in time between wedding and reception

Blowing bubbles!

A lovely photo with Nana and Pa at the reception

having fun at the reception

Sunday was the naming day and although we didn't stay long (it was SO cold) Eb certainly did have fun. On the way home we stopped in Benalla to see Col, Mandy and Meiya as you'll see!

The star of the day

Our star of the day :)

Eb and Meiya playing on the Barbie computer

...and a kiss goodbye!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Helena, Jay, Sunny and Jaz

Well - it finally happened. Helena and I got to see our precious girls playing together and it brought me so much joy. It was wonderful and special. The girls - of course - were not as keen on the whole deal as the mum's were...but that's ok. By the end of our time with them, the girls were having a ball playing musical instruments and just enjoying each other. Poor Jaz had missed her afternoon sleep so she was a bit out of sorts, but she came around. Sunny is just adorable and I could kiss her and hug her until the end of days. I'm just so glad we got to spend time together. It was all a bit rushed and there were lots of people, but at least we made it. For me, it was like just being back with old friends again. I wish we could have chatted more - but all in all it was a great visit and a (very fast) couple of hours.

Did these children have fun or what????

This time it's a Melbourne adventure

Eb's first train ride! we had so much fun. I think I'd always go this way if transport in Melbourne wasn't an issue! Eb loved being able to move around - the 'conditions' were great and so was the food believe it or not!

Playing peek-ta-boo (as Eb says) while waiting for the train

It wasn't as serious as it looks!

We stayed with Chris, Ruth and Mei again - and we were all very excited to be going to see 'The Wiggles on Thursday. Well! we may have been, but Mei and Eb weren't THAT excited. Poor Mei was really scared and wouldn't even look at them (spent most of the time buried into her mummy or daddy's neck) and Eb wouldn't leave my lap. She grabbed me for dear life if I looked the wrong way. Obviously the 'small' wiggles on TV are ok, but the 'big' ones are a bit much - not to mention the noise. I had fun though!

At the Wiggles

After the Wiggles, the other Mum's and children (Vicki, Camille - Kate, Eliza - Wendy, Ruby and Ruth, Chris and Mei were all there - sadly Mandy and Meiya couldn't come!) came back to Ruth and Chris's for lunch. It was such a beautiful Autumn day and the girls had lots of fun together - Eb fell in the 'pond' once and then got we once - so it was a (rare) 3 change day! But lots of fun was had by all.

3 of the 4 girls after the Wiggles...not sure where Miss Camille was!

Friday Marg came and visited and we had a lovely time taking Eb to the park and going for a walk. It was lovely but over way too quickly.

Fun in the park

And then even more fun!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Then it was time for haircut # ??? I don't remember???

It must be about #8 I'd guess. The only way I could get Eb not to fret was....of course! to feed her :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

I couldn't resist

How totally gorgeous is this????? We had an absolute ball together...can you tell??