Monday, April 28, 2008

A Melbourne visit.....

and another jam-packed visit at that!

We arrived on Wed night, unpacked and headed straight over the Graham's children's for dinner. It was a lovely night, but Eb didn't settle like she normally would - I think too long in the car and then out again.
Thursday morning we were up bright and early and headed to THE ZOO! I was far more excited than Eb - she had no idea. It was fantastic - we didn't get to see anything like as much as I wanted to see - but what we saw Eb loved, although I do think another few months will see her enjoy it even more. We saw the tiger, monkeys, butterfly's, elephant and ! the meerkats ! which I love :)

Eliza, Eb and Mei in awe of the big Tiger

Mei, Camille and Eb have a 'ride' on a cement version :)

Eliza, Eb, Mei and Camille together with the carved Elephants

and my sweet girl on one

You can just see the big Orangutan in the background

We then visited Sandi, Steve, Molly and their darling son (just returned from China) Ming. He is delightful and he's a REAL boy. Loves all the boy things. Ming is 3 and 3 months so it's been an interesting journey for Steve, Sandi and Molly - but I think they are doing so well - raising up to the challenge and giving this precious little man a life that he never could have known in China. Good on you guys - you're doing a wonderful job. Sadly I didn't take any photo's! I can't believe it :(
We then headed home for the night and some play time with cousins Beccy and Lizzie - Eb had a ball with all their toys...and them!

Drawing with Beccy and Lizzie

Friday it was on the road early again to visit Aunty Lyn, Manda, Aunty Lea and Gabriella. We had so much fun there too - it just wasn't long enough - although I'm just glad we had an hour or two.

Eb, Manda and Gabbi - 3 little China dolls

Then we visited my sister and her family. Eb had lots of fun playing with Jess (20) and Renee (11) - my 18yo nephew Chris had his newish girlfriend we didn't get much sense out of him! I can't believe I didn't take photo's again!!! very unlike me.

Friday night we headed over to Chris, Ruth and Mei's for the next two nights. We had a lovely time, although we missed Chris who had to go to NZ to see his mum. The photo's really tell the story.

Playground fun

3 happy girls watching the Wiggles

then it was in the car and on the way home again!

Tagged again!

Thanks heaps Chel!!!!

Now for 3 boring and useless random facts about me.....

1 - I have to wear orthotics in my shoes and I hate them. They stifle my sense of 'style' :)

2 - My absolute favorite pastime is scrapbooking......yet I never seem to get to do any.

3 - I had surgery for a variety of things (mostly my 'plumbing') at least once a year for a period of 15 years! who am I going to tag.....let's see.....




Thursday, April 17, 2008

Words, words, words

It’s time for a ‘word’ update – ‘cause they are coming hard and fast

Mummy, Daddy, Ebby …..lots and lots. She’ll just sit there and say mummy, daddy, mummy, daddy, mummy, daddy until she’s sick of it!

* help still sounds very much like ‘howp’

*out sounds like ‘art’ (plumb in mouth!)

* dod (God)

* reada = read

* ‘Take baby’ (when she wants to take Gabi doll with her)

* ‘wuwu’ (Wiggles)

* Doroty (Dorothy)

* Todey (Colin) as in Colin Buchanan her favourite DVD

* eat – as clear as a bell!!!

* wawer (water)

* nigh nigh (good night)

* fower (flower)

* moo tow (moo cow)

* tar – (car)

* told – (cold)

* shit down – (sit down)

* tank shoe – (thank you)

* yappy (nappy)

* suse me (excuse me)

* kissing (with a lisp)

* owut (out)

* epeeze (please)…go figure!

* amore (more)…go figure!

* hanno (hello)

* swi (swing)

* sighed (slide)

* da doo (love you)

* nmimah (Jemimah from Playschool)

Then ones she says clearly..... brekkie, more , book, park, pusher, baby, shoes, boots, bed,

lay down, toys, shoes, tea (as in cuppa), too cute....the list goes on, but that's a start.

….and Eb can now count to 10 all on her own (happened 8th April 08) and is starting to learn her colours.

She also knows most animals now…, dog, giraffe (raffe), owl, ladybird (abug), rog (frog), tuttle (turtle), birdie, sheep, moo tow, fischie,

…she sings ‘twinkle, twinkle little star’ – ‘eyes and ears and mouth and nose’ (while poking you in the face!) – the wheels on the bus, and Jesus loves the little children

And, when a song gets really ‘fast’ she runs around the room as fast as she can! all good fun and good to remember for the years ahead!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First Kinda Gym

I was delighted when I found out that Kinda Gym was coming to Mt. Beauty.
Today was Eb's first go at it. Unfortunately she's come home from our holiday with a cold and is not what I would call 'full speed' at the moment, but she seemed to enjoy it. She spent far more time on the activities that didn't involve running around...very unlike her!
Here's some photo's

Sunday, April 13, 2008

On the way home

Today we sadly packed our bags and left to go 'ome'. I'm not really sad at all - except it meant even more time in my carseat!
We stopped at Port Fairy to have some lunch - that was nice - but then food always is to me.
I fell asleep between Port Fairy and Yendon - and it wasn't pretty when I woke up. I feel really yucky when I wake up from a sleep in the car - and I think Mummy and Daddy end up feeling yucky with me! We stopped on the side of the road for a minute while I settled down.
Then we got to Ruby's was such good fun being with one of my China buddies and playing with her and her toys. Mummy said she was really proud of me 'cause we played together SO well. Ruby is a fun friend. I feel very lucky.
Mummy said I had a bad night though and ended up having another mild version of a 'sleep terror' whatever that is - I don't remember.
We had to get on the road in the morning 'cause we had lots to do on the way 'ome'. It was real good to get home when we finally did though!

Bye bye Nelson (this was the view from the table we ate at)

We had LOTS of fun!

...and cuddles! (how cute?)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Day 9

Mummy says it’s our last full day of holiday here. Mummy is sad – but I’m happy wherever I am! Isn’t that what life is all about afterall? Fun! Today we didn’t do much ‘cause it rained most of the day. I woke up early again (why not???). We just ‘chilled out’ at ‘hoday hme’. We went for a bit of a walk just before lunch and picked up some ‘kinding’ for the fire. Daddy lit the fire and then I had some lunch and a sleep before we went for another walk to the ‘pub’. It was a fun day ‘cause I was barely in the car the whole day!!!! Oooh and I got wet when we went for our walks….now that’s fun!

I love reading with my Daddy

Then it was time for ANOTHER walk and to collect some kindling for the fire

...and a ride on Daddy's shoulders...I love it up here

this is me running toward the bath until I found out it was that horrible 'pa bath' again....I just cried my lungs out to let them know my thoughts! (but I still didn't win!)

The three of us on the bridge at Nelson

You probably can't tell, but this is me playing in the rain and loving it!

This is a photo Mummy took of the storm

Another totally precious Mummy moment....

We are away at Nelson. Eb has been watching Toddler tunes on TV and I have been reading a compelling and disturbing article in an older Ni Hao magazine about RAD – something that sounded alarm bells to me with my girl some months ago. Then, out of the blue, like welcome rain on the dusty earth, my little girl came over to me and just gave me a beautiful hug. It was precious and it was like a gift to let me know that everything IS ok – she is not suffering from RAD and she loves her mama. As I write this article, she has just come over yet again and rested her raven black hair framed face on my hands as my fingers make their way across the keyboard. She obviously just loves her mummy in a way that I’ve wondered was ever possible.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Day 8

The car….again.....ooowwww. I’m a bit sick of the car – but we went to some places called “Mt Gambier’, ‘Beachport’ and ‘Robe’. It was good to see stuff but we couldn’t get out the car ‘cause it rained so much. We did get to see the ‘blue lake’ at Mt Gambier, but that’s all. So that was the day – a blue lake, lunch at Robe and then lots and lots of rain! (and my carseat!).

The Blue Crater Lake in Mt. Gambier

This time I had to 'take baby'!

I love cuddles with my Mama

In my higair (highchair) at a pub in Robe...can't remember what was so funny!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day 7

I didn’t sleep too good last night so woke up a bit grumpy. Probably ‘cause Jamesen had gone to school and I didn’t get say goodbye - I felt a bit sad

Anyway – we had a good day – did a bit of sightseeing and then got to have fish 'n chips on the beach with Tracey and Michael….it was good fun and I got to chase more seagulls.

I had a sleep there and then we went back to our hoday hme again

Me 'n Mummy having a good giggle together

Fish 'n chips on the beach...yummy!

Me stealing Michael's drink

I love chasing the seagulls

But I don't love the feel of the sand!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Day 6 - our friends Tracey, Michael and Jamesen

Well it was another early 6.30am start..tee hee! Daddy decided to go fishing anyway so I would have woken as soon as he got up. Mummy and I just hung out at ‘hoday hme’ until Daddy came home and then we went for another walk. I wasn’t very happy about this! I’ve had enough walking! I got my way and Daddy ended up carrying me to the water at the end of the street where we had some more fun chasing birds and playing games before it started to ‘wain’ so we headed home. Well this time Daddy and Mummy wouldn’t carry me – they wanted me to walk …… so I did my biscuit good and proper! I just stood my ground and waited until they came to get me….but they didn’t!!!! so I had to run to them! crying all the way….Mummy said something about wishing she had managed to capture the look on my face on movie….I don’t see what the joke is!!! After my sleep we headed to Portland to stay with Tracey, Michael and Jamesen – these are the family that have let us stay in their wonderful ‘hoday hme’. I had heaps and heaps of fun – Jamesen is SO much fun to be with – we did lots together (hey and Jamesen is 16!). He played on the trampoline with me and just did stuff with me. Mummy and Daddy thought I’d be exhausted…but I just had lots of fun.

Doing my 'lay back lenny' while watching paysool (playschool)

Me 'n my best Daddy

pee-a-boo Daddy

I love running!

but sometimes I just don't want to walk!

Jamesen is such good fun and he was so good to me!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Day 5 - from here it's through Ebby's eyes!

I woke at 6.30am today (would have been 7.30 if it weren’t for daylight savings ending). We headed into Mount Gambier for some retail therapy and a hair cut for daddy. Found some bargains for me too … but Mummy says I won’t get to wear them for a few years. Then we drove home just ‘cause I needed a sleep…oh well. After my sleep Mummy and Daddy took me to a local park. We walked all the way even though Mummy pushed the stroller – I can’t figure Mummy’s out? (although I was glad ‘cause I got very tired on the way home and ended up using it). Then Mummy thought it would be a good idea if I had a spa bath. After filling it up Daddy decided to start the pump thingy and it gave me a huge fright so there was no way I was getting into that thing! Mummy managed to get me in there and even to wash my hair, even though I screamed the whole time. Then I was happy to watch Daddy while he had a spa bath. I don’t like that thing at all, I’d much rather have a shower. We had some yummy dinner then I went to bed after a bit more play.

Hey - aren't I cool?

Me and Daddy skipping down the drive

Mummy took this one from the bridge over the Glenelg River

Time to play - yippee!

Mummy takes funny photo's sometimes don't you think?

...and I LOVE playing in the park

no matter what equipment it is

Monday, April 07, 2008

Day 4 - the beach

Tracey left about 9.30am and then Eb, Gra and I headed down to the beach. Well – silly me thought we were in for a great photo shoot. Tee hee! We took Eb’s shoes, sox and jeans off so she could run in the water, but unfortunately when Daddy was in charge of Eb he bolted suddenly when the water started coming in fast (didn’t want to get his shoes wet!!!) and frightened Eb and she wasn’t happy from that point on – I tried and tried to get her to have fun in the shallows, but she wouldn’t have it. I think I had one moment where I got a glimpse of a smile as we romped in the water. We gave up in the end as she sat clinging to me while I tried to fight of the swarms of March flies. So much for a fun family outing with great photo’s! I did manage to get a few though! We got Eb home for a much needed sleep.

When Eb woke we donned our coats and walked down to the pier at the end of our street – Eb had an absolute ball running around with gay abandon. We collected kindling on the way back so we could have a fire (that’s what the blue bag’s for!).

Mummy's first breakfast and Ebby's second!

When the beach was still fun!

then the fun was over

Safe in Daddy's arms

Managing to find a smile again

Eb and her Daddy

Eb and her 'blue bag'!

Ebby enjoying Daddy's shoulders (not sure about Daddy though?)

Ebby and Mummy....and the blue bag again!
 call this kindling Daddy??