Monday, January 31, 2011

Some friends to play with!

You are enjoying playing with hair so much at the moment. Here you've taken on 'Gabi' and "Suixi bear' and had lots of fun doing their 'hair'! Too cute I say....

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wandi Pub and Bright river

We ventured to Wandiligong today to observe the auction of an old Church. It was really interesting...and got passed in - but it was a fun thing to do.

After it finished we decided to go to the Wandiligong Pub - which is quite renowned in the area. It was our first meal there and I'm quite sure it won't be our last - it was really lovely and we had a great time....and so did you!

After lunch we headed to the river at Bright and you and I had some fun times coming down the river on the lilo.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Finally off training wheels

You have really resisted having your training wheels off - but this time it finally clicked and you had so much fun. We took you down to the oval near the primary school in Mt Beauty and here's the evidence of the fun you had!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Then it was King Valley for 5 days

Wow - it's been a busy time...but that's what holidays are for - especially when they are the holidays before school starts (oh boy am I ever NOT ready for that!).

Anyway - you and I arrived home from Waratah Bay Thursday and headed off to King Valley to join Uncle Mark, Aunty Bern, Beccy and Lizzie for 5 nights of fun. This was the first time they had been to KV and it was such a lovely relaxing time. Mark, particularly, chilled out! We played, made cards, went for walk, swam, ate and watched a bit of TV (and a great lightening show!). It was a lovely time spent together and we both look forward to the next time.

Here we are down the river having some family fun!

and a sweet Mummy/daughter capture by Aunty Bernie......

I took the girls for a bit of a walk for some exercise and photography fun....

Love this one of Lizzie...

Then it was an early morning photo or two...

I found out about Paradise Falls this trip - they were amazing - especially after all the rain. They would probably not even be running at this time of year normally. Here are the girls in the cave area behind the falls

Eb and Lizzie having a huggle as they make their way around all the rock pools

Love this one of Beccy...

The actual falls taken from below and behind

The cave structure we were standing in

Back on the trail looking back toward the waterfalls

Some fun outside play

and inside!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Waratah Bay

Ruth invited us down to Waratah Bay to spend some time with her, Mei and Devonte.

We had a lovely 4 nights and days. Some down the beach, some driving around and some just at home. The views from their balcony are amazing and Ruth and I sat out most nights...even if we had a rug on....and enjoyed watching the sun go down and the moon come up.

The girls, of course, played really well - and Eb was so cute with Devonte...taking him by the hand and watching out for him - I was very proud of her.

two girls in the garden....

...and then drawing

darling Master D

two little friends going for a walk together

.....and getting up to some mischievous fun... whispering

...and giggling

Eb looking out for Master D

...the views from the balcony

some footage of Ebony caring for Devonte

and the children chasing seagulls

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pa's 80th

Your Daddy's Dad - Pa - turned 80 so we went to Alexandra for the celebration. We got there just a little late - but not too late for some celebrating. You had a lovely time being social with others. It was incredibly hot and the air-conditioner that had been installed that day wasn't working!...anyway we all coped and here's the evidence of the evening.....

...the cake

...the Pa little chocolate faced daughter and a proud Pa look...

...and the morning after - playing with 'Captain'

First swimming lessons for 2011

Did you want to do swimming??? - not particularly :(
You really don't like the water a lot - but you did it. 5 days (at only 3/4ers of an hour per day)
I thought I would document this time - even though there's not much more to say.
You are doing great - but I really need to concentrate more on swimming this year! You are in with the littlies xx

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A lovely visit from Ruby and her daddy

When I told you Ruby was coming to stay you were so excited! You two seem to play so beautifully together and have so much fun. They only stayed a couple of nights - but we squeezed in a trip to Albury - just Ruby, her Dad, you and I. .....and we made sure that Ruby and her Daddy got to experience Albury's famous Thai restaurant and we all loved it!

these were taken at the Thai Restaurant...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First camping trip for 2011

It's so funny the way things happen. We managed to get away from home at a decent hour for once!!!! and then we had drama after drama trying to find a campsite! I'm a bit fussy because I like to be 'on our own' and not in amongst the crowds. We had planned to stop about an hour and a 1/2 from home and ended up traveling almost 4 hours because EVERY campsite we came to was full! It got to the stage where Graham was pulling the car over and I would trek down to the river to see if a site was free - which it never was!

When we finally found a site in a communal area - we were parked right beside two girls camping so we pointed the camper trailer in an odd position so we wouldn't impose on them. You can imagine my thoughts when EVERY SINGLE other campsite went home the next morning! We weren't changing our location - but I've learned that you just don't camp the weekend after New Year!

Anyway - we had a lovely time in the end - just the 3 of us. Beautiful weather - 3 nights - gorgeous meals (I even did a lamb roast one night!). It was great. Graham caught a few fish and Ebony loved being near the water...but still not too much time in it! I ended up sitting on the 'banana lounge' near the water (it got quite hot) and relaxed and read and had a lovely time!

Here's some photo's of our trip....

Well...she did get in a bit!

and here's one of the fish...

A view of our campsite from the road...yes that is a shower and it was it's first to and I loved it!

bubbles were a favorite!

and I love these few taken amongst the wildflowers...the first one Ebony is actually trying to catch a grasshopper for daddy...

and here she is holding one daddy caught...

I love this one.....

Eb was enthralled by the caterpillars...

and had lots of fun glitter painting...

and even got to watch a dvd while Mummy had a relaxing read and Daddy had a fish!

and some fun video's !