Wednesday, April 25, 2007


What are the things that tell me about who Ebony is (at the moment....)

* at the moment her 'pup' (up) melts my heart and I can't do anything BUT pick her up!
* in the car she will suddenly say 'huh' with a beautiful smile on her face (you have to be there to understand - it's a fun 'huh' not a bad 'huh').
* 'boo' behind her hands - SOOOO cute - she'll put her hand over her eyes (I'll try and get a photo) and then let her hand down and expect you to say 'boo'- not her!
* 'ubabov' - complete with hand movements when she wants me to sing 'twinkle twinkle'
* gotcha - something I play with her where I grab her beautiful little hands in a rush and say 'gotcha'. Today I said gotcha about something else and she started making hand motions like when I 'gotcha' her hands!
* the tears than form in her little beautiful deep eyes when I (try to!) tell her off!
* the way she wakes in the mornings and 'chats' to herself for up to an hour....happily! (and this morning said mumum and dadad and just hummed to herself). Very different from the baby that used to wake up crying all the time....and how happy she is when we go into her.
* how she loves her wheetbix and Vegemite toast
* How she wanders around happily in the mornings - picking up toys and playing for a while, then walking around more - occasionally watching the tv if it's on - but never for long
* how she now walks us to the bath or the highchair when we mention them
* how excited she gets when she sees her daddy
* ....yet at the moment she's mummy's girl (at long last!)
* how much she LOVES going outside
* how excited she gets when she knows we're going out (when I say brrrrooomm)
* how she says 'moo' for a cow and 'woo' for a dog
* how EVERYTHING is ta - especially first thing in the morning when we get her out of her cot and she just wants us to take her to everything in sight and point to things.
* how, at times, Ebony just cuddles the floor! nothing's wrong - she just does it
* how she responds to 'gentle'. One of the first things we had to teach Ebony was 'gentle' - she had no idea and would scratch or whack us in the face without warning. Not in anger - just because. Now she puts her hand on our face and gently runs her beautiful hand over our face - it's so precious.

so many beautiful things to remember....oh and she still loves her vegetables and creamed rice/custard/ham/soy&linseed biscuits/apple. She doesn't like strawberries and bananas that aren't 'just right'!
Here's some photo's for you...I have to say I LOVE the one of her cute!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Ebonys thoughts on camping........

FUN....FUN....FUN....FUN.......~Mummy asked me to write this time 'cause she reckons I've had more fun than she's ever seen. Now let me think. We left Friday and daddy wasn't sure where we were going (?). Mummy and daddy were a bit stressed because we got away later than they wanted - but once they decided where we were going...and we arrived all was well...that was until mummy discovered that they had no pillows! Oh well, luckily she got over that quickly!!! We went to a place 20kms south of Mitta Mitta just off the Omeo Highway. It was such a great place - right beside a creek with lots of room for me to run around. I couldn't see a thing when we got there 'cause it was we had dinner (veggies yum yum) and went to sleep (or at least I did). I slept really well, all cosy in my red Kathmandu suit...until 3.15am. I had to wake mummy and daddy - just 'cause I did :) They put me into bed with them (yippee) and we all slept together until about 6.45am when I decided it was time for us all to get up. It was really, really cold - but I got warm quickly when I ran around and around and around. By 9am I was ready for a nap when we went for a walk - so I slept in my pusher - but only for about an hour then it was time for more exploring and fun. Daddy met some other guys so mummy and I just played together. Then I decided it was time for another sleep so I slept (and so did daddy) while mummy relaxed and took some photo's. When I woke up I decided it was time for a swim - mummy and daddy couldn't believe I wanted to go in the water - but why not? After about 20 minutes I decided they were probably right and my feet and hands were really cold - so mummy bathed me and then it was more play time - and lots of time with my daddy. We went and collected some wood and built a fire...that was fun to watch - but gee it was hot if I got too close (which mummy and daddy kept watching out for all the time). I also had fun playing with the big bogong moths! (mummy couldn't believe that I would actually hold them....she had something about my pulling their wings off but I'm not sure why!) It was a great day filled with lots of fun and I was REALLY tired so I went to bed at about 7.30pm....mummy and daddy weren't that far behind. I decided that 6am was a good wake up time and this time there was no going into bed with mummy and daddy - it was time to get up! too much fun to have outside! Brekky then a walk, then daddy wanted to try out some more fishing - so I wanted to play in the creek while he did that! Then it was time for me to have more sleep - mummy said I slept for almost 2 hours - guess it's 'cause I had ran around SO much and had SO much fun. I found some really fun stuff to play with and went to show daddy and mummy. They both started laughing and laughing - I didn't know what was happening. They said something about cow poo?
I didn't like it when mummy and daddy started to pack things away. I thought this was our new home and I wanted to stay - but I'm too little and I just couldn't stop them....even though I tried REALLY HARD. Anyway mummy waited until we were all packed then gave me another bath and changed me out of my 'fun' clothes and into some thing she called 'more respectable'. Not sure what that means! Then it was back 'home' - and I was glad to be there where all my toys are. I just hope we get to go to the other 'home' again soon! Mummy said she'd put on some photo's so you could all smile. Till next time xxx

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Growing ub (that's how Ebony says 'up')

What an amazing week or so it has been. After the trauma of my last post we have been to Geelong for the weekend for Graham's son Daniel's wedding. Ebony was beautifully looked after by my Brother, Sister-in-law and their two girls and everything went so well until Beccy accidentally woke Ebony while we were gone and I had to make a dash back to the Caravan Park where we were staying to get her sobs under control and get her back to sleep. I don't know that I can express that feeling of driving as quickly as is legal to get to her knowing she was distressed and then the overwhelming feeling of having her handed to me so upset and calming down straight away. It was a sad kinda beautiful....I'm sure most will understand.
We also had a visit to the Speech Therapist last week and she must have hit 'the switch' 'cause Ebony hasn't looked back (either that or spending time with her cousins on Saturday!). She's now clearly (and finally!) saying mumumum (yipee!), ub, almost Amen, starting to try and sing along to 'twinkle, twinkle little star', still clearly saying dad, nana and ta. I also asked her tonight if she wanted her bath and she took my hand and led me to the bath! She's a smart little girl that's for sure.
So much development and change happening. I'm now really seeing signs of a toddler and it feels like it's happening overnight. I'm not ready - and yet I am. This is such a gorgeous stage and I'm just loving watching Ebony change and blossom into a beautiful little girl. She says 'ta' for almost everything...although she doesn't always get what she asks for! She's still sleeping really well - 12 hours overnight and 1-2 during the day. She LOVES outside - we have a real outdoors girl - which is great considering we are both outdoors people. We're actually planning to take her on her first 'camping weekend' this weekend. I'll post when we return home.
By the way...did I mention she LOVES outdoors! Enjoy some photo's of my little best friend....they are of Ebony at the local winery where we were with friends - Ebony and I just before Dan's wedding - Ebony on the deck at our current home and Ebony having lunch on the kitchen bench at the new house.

My hands.....your hands

.big hands - little hands
.long fingernails - short fingernails
.adorned - not adorned
.wrinkled skin - plump skin
.pinkish skin - yellowish skin
.wise hands - innocent hands
.busy hands - active hands
.slim big hands - chubby tiny hands
.working hands - playing hands
.careful hands - carefree hands
.caring hands - trusting hands
.loving hands - loving hands

written by mummy

Monday, April 09, 2007


I've had a very difficult week with Ebony and I feel to share this with others who are waiting - because to hide it would not be helpful.
2 times in this last week Ebony has woken from sleep during the night and has been inconsolable - she has not wanted me to touch her, talk to her, sing to her anything. If I did pick her up she still didn't want to be comforted and if I tried to put her down she would scream louder. Then on Saturday it happened at her daytime sleep. She was almost asleep when I tried to creep out of the room - she woke and then it started. It was awful and words can't describe the feelings I went through for the next hour or so. At first I was a bit cross with her because I honestly thought she was fighting sleep - but as the minutes unfolded I found it wasn't that at all. She was having some kind of 'terror' happening. Some call it sleep terrors. It's common when a child has been home about 3 months and it is incredibly sad to watch and I felt so helpless. At some point God gave me a picture of what was happening in Ebony's heart and I ended up sobbing myself (this was after about an hour + of her screaming) - it was my tears that seemed to soothe Ebony and within 10 minutes she was asleep on my chest as I lay on my bed. She was still sobbing in her sleep (as was I). It was horrible, but it has certainly given me a taste of how desperate her grief must be. I spoke to my friend and mentor later that night and she said it can be because Ebony is now really beginning to trust us - but with that trust comes much uncertainty. It's Monday now and it hasn't happened again - although she is still unsettled as she sleeps.
Thankfully I'm old enough (or wise enough or something!) to know this isn't a reflection of my/our parenting - and that's what I want to say to those reading this and waiting. If this happens to you, it's not your fault. It's part of your child settling in and is fairly common. I'm not sure if any of the other 5 girls that we traveled with are struggling with the same issue - I'll find out soon enough I guess.