Friday, February 10, 2006

Staying focussed!

I never knew it would be SO difficult. Waiting is much harder than I expected, although it's more trying to stay focussed on today! We haven't heard anything, and at this stage there are still 2 Victorian "batches" ahead of us. I haven't lost hope for June/July - but we just don't know. I said to some people yesterday - the way I feel is like being about 8 months pregnant and anticipating and beginning to dream of life in it's new form - and then being told you actually have another 4-6 months of pregnancy ahead (I'm sure the girls can relate!).

Anyway - I'm doing everything I can to stay focussed on each day and to enjoy the time we have together before little Ebony arrives. Also trying NOT to be too busy!

So no concrete news - just some feelings......and hopefully a photo's of Ebony's room too!