Saturday, May 28, 2011

Too cute not to post

We have so much fun together - no matter what we do. Sure there are times when it's hard - but times like this make up for those times. Today we went for a walk around our lake. No complaints - lots of singing and skipping. A perfect day with my gorgeous girl.

Friday, May 27, 2011


why is it that I need a tragedy to remind me how precious any little person in my life is? precious the gift of my sweet little girl is.
Today I found out that one of the children in Eb's class - a little boy who also did Kindy with her - who was a very withdrawn little soul - died on Wednesday. He contracted leukemia about 6 weeks ago and then got an infection and now he is gone. I did kinder duty with him a few times last year and tried to reach out to him. He never really responded but it never bothered me - I always held him dear to my heart. I don't think I ever even hear him speak. Good bye darling Souhail - you are now in God's hands and the angels will welcome you darling little man - you will never be rejected again - you will never need to withdraw again - you are safe. You will be missed by this mummy.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Your first fun run

Today you participated in your very first Fun Run.
I was so proud of you and so glad to be able to be there to cheer you on.
You had been so sick - yet you gave it such a great shot.
Don't know where you came - don't even care.
Just proud you gave it your very best.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This one deserves a separate entry!

A little girl and a puppy dog.
Ebony is 5 and Harley is only 1.
They became absolutely the BEST of friends.
They were inseparable.
Ebony was a bit unsure at first - Harley made sure that didn't last long.
Ebony struggled to even leave Harley to go away for 2 days.
Is a dog in her future? who knows! not in the short term.
It was so beautiful to watch them together
So beautiful to see her love an animal the way she did
So sad to hear her say tonight, as I tucked her into bed sobbing 'Mummy my heart is breaking I miss Harley soooo much'. Out of the mouths of babes.
Sweetheart your mummy cried too - so sad to see you so sad xx

Brisbane for a week!

We've had an amazing time with Graham's daughter, her husband and their darling baby boy James in Brisbane. James is only 3 months old and he is just beautiful! We loved our time with them all.

While we were there, Ebony and I spent a morning with some of the gorgeous girls that I did the 'Explore' photography course with in Feb/Mar. Finally putting a face to a name and thoroughly enjoying some photography chat and some actual photography..... it was a blast :)

Jody Ryan's daughter Sienna....

Jody with her daughter Sienna...

Eb and Sienna having a blast!

The gorgeous Debbie Lawrence

Then we took a couple of days away and visited ....Australia Zoo....

Eb had so much fun feeding the Kangaroo's.....she spent more time here than anywhere!

...even after she got scratched (you can see the marks on her hand)

Then we went to Noosa after a night at Caloundra.....
...via Eumundi Market of course!

Noosa beach at dusk amazing sand sculpture...we arrived just as he finished and YES we did give him a gold coin or two for his incredible work!

Then we had a day out with Kim, Michael and baby James and went to watch a kite flying festival. Eb loved it all - but particularly her first taste of fairy floss!

In our last day or so, we headed into Brisbane and took the ferry across the other side...and then we walked...and walked...and walked. We didn't realise we had got off the ferry way too early and we could have gone a lot further! We still had fun on a beautiful Brisbane morning looking at what - only months earlier - had been devastated by floods.

I was thrilled when we were crossing back over the bridge to get back to main Brisbane to look down and see 'Ella's pink lady'! I had just finished the book of Jessica Watson's journey and it was amazing to see the actual boat docked at Brisbane.

When we arrived back home, it was time to attempt some photo's - sadly it was quite late and the sun was going down - needless to say, the camera struggled...and so did I!

Here's Graham with his daughter and Grandson

Baby James

Baby James and his mummy

A very happy new family

...and one sweet little 5yo having a lovely time in the pool (even thought it was FREEZING!)

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mothers Day 2011

I have had such a special day.

It started with my amazing husband and my sweet daughter showering me with handmade and handwritten cards and a beautiful addition to my Pandora bracelet. I barely had my eyes open when it started and it's just so special and something I've waited all my life to experience! This year Eb understand Mothers Day more than she ever has before. Here's some photo's of what she presented me with.....

this is the one she made a Kidz Church...

and this is the one she made (and the gift she chose) at School....

We then got up and had yummy pancakes together. Graham told me he had a surprise for me for lunch - that was something to look forward to!

Off we went to Church where we enjoyed a lovely service out in the main hall (the heating wasn't working in the main Church) was a very special service dedicated to the Mum's. We were all given a gift made by our child and a little something special from the Church itself. I was asked to take some photo's, so I enjoyed doing that!

Then Church was over and off we headed - I was totally surprised to be taken to Kancoona Winery for lunch. I've never been there before and it is a gorgeous, rustic, unfinished but lovely building with a view out over the bush. It has obviously all been done by the owners and is very much a work in progress. Our meal was really nice and we enjoyed a lovely few hours there. Eb was great too - but I wish I'd bought some colouring books or something for her to do lol!

Here's some photo's of our fun day.

quite unusual (eclectic) decor...

....yummy desert!

some of my little princess.....

one very happy little family

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

First night apart - and 5 and almost 3 quarters

So much change - so much learning - so much happening.

This weekend was the first time in 4 years, 4 months and 6 days that I have woken up without you in the same house as me. I had a photography course to go to in Melbourne and decided to take the plunge and have a try of a night without me. In the end I left at about 4.30pm on Saturday and you were fine....I on the other hand struggled with tears for some time in the car. I arrived in Melbourne and was pretty exhausted. Watched some TV and then fell into bed. Woke at 7am and it was a rush to get out of the house and get to Abbotsford to meet a friend by 8am so I had no time to think about it too much (I did have a drawing you had done by my bed and in my view in the car I might add!). I had breakfast with a friend I met through the last photography course so I couldn't be rude and call home until just as the course started. Of course you didn't want to talk to me did you!!!! - you were way too busy...watching TV! Daddy had let you watch from 7-9am - unheard of if you were home with me :) I let it go and got involved in my course. I wasn't able to call until it finished at 4pm and then I sat in the car and listened to your gorgeous little voice and questions for about 15 minutes. It's so sweet to hear you little voice over the phone. I was finally able to get away and get home to you as quickly as I could. You were sound asleep, but I had to go and give you big hugs and kisses! So - it went far better than I expected so I do feel much better about doing this again.

One of the big changes I'm noticing at the moment is your sense of being wronged - or maybe it's your sense of justice (even if it's a little out of place at times). You can really feel hurt when I've said something that has hurt you. This change has come to the fore fairly suddenly. I love that you are now aware and I must say I do get it wrong at times and I'm glad you can express what you are feeling. I'm learning so much about being a mummy to a prep child - you are learning so much and growing so fast. Wherever is that pause button! xx

Sunday, May 01, 2011

First person to person camera course

Today I enjoyed an amazing course called "Love your Camera" with Angie Baxter. It was a day spent with like minded people all wanting to learn more about taking photo's...and particularly their camera's.

I felt like I already knew a lot of what was taught - which is amazing considering it was only 6 weeks ago I was a 'full auto' girl!. But it was worth every cent and all the effort just to spend time with people who enjoy what I enjoy. It would be very easy to become a course junkie!

Anyway - I buddied up with one of the girls I had done Sheye's course with (Cristy) and here are some of her photo's of me that she took (and one she edited to B&W)....

And here are some I took of Cristy.....