Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Then July arrived.....winter I think????

Wow....what a huge month July was!  First it was a bit of fun at home with some of your furry friends....I love observing you in this sort of fun play!

Then....Uncle Tez so love him and I was thrilled to capture this beautiful moment between the two of you......

There was MUCH excitement with the approach of Ruby arriving.  You were sooooo excited you could barely sleep :) and the two of you had lots of fun times together.  You stacked a lot into 2 days!

....mind you, there was the odd hard moment!......

...maybe a couple of sad moments!  They joys of friendships

Next we headed to King Valley for a few days of wonderful freedom and fun at one of our favorite places.....King Valley Cottage.  We walked, we rode, we climbed....we had lots of fresh air fun!

Then we were home again.....we'd already put a lot into the first part of the school holidays

You decided you'd like to start washing the dishes (wonder how long that will last!?)

Got to take some gorgeous photo's around our beautiful valley

You danced with the Wii machine!

Then Aunty Di and Renee arrived....and there were stones to build

another opportunity for a gorgeous photo

Some ten pin bowls with Nazey

Aunty Di and Nazey left so we went, just the 2 of us, over to Bright for a bit of fun

Then, just for the fun of it, you taught me 'apple on a stick' that Renee had taught you!

Time for an eye check!

Some fun with me!

Then school was back and a regular visit from Chelsea meant for some strange fun times!

...and some sleep!

It was also Lily's 4th birthday and you had a blast!

Finally there were a few beautiful moments for mummy to capture!

....that was July 2013!