Saturday, May 30, 2009

A new addition to our 'adoption' family

This week we had news that we had been waiting a long LONG time for. Not as long as Tracey, Michael and their family though!

Yes - our dear friends have been allocated a beautiful little girl and we are so totally happy for them. Their journey is the last one I am really following with lots of contact and it seems like it has been such a drawn out wait - but I'm well aware that if I feel like that - I can only imagine how difficult it has been for Tracey. Those who follow my blog may remember that Tracey drove all the way to us from Portland (about 8 hours) to us back September 2007. I had never met Tracey before then and we got on so well and had so much fun during those shared days. I was able to 'share' my darling girl with Tracey in that time and we developed a very special bond. Now we will get to share another wonderful Mum's to very special little girls who have joined their forever family after beginning their lives in a SWI in China. Their little girl turned 2 in March this year, although she is a tiny little dot of a girl. I won’t disclose any more info simply because that is Tracey’s request. Suffice to say that she is just gorgeous and beautiful and I can’t wait to meet her in person and welcome her into our lives…not to mention her precious new family.

As had been done for us, I took this photo and sent it to them to welcome little Amalia!

We pray that the journey to little Amalia happens quickly so she an be united with the family that she so deserves and so do they. Precious little child - you have been blessed with a wonderful family and although your beginnings have been difficult, I know that life home here in Australia will bring you many wonderful opportunities....and lots and LOTS of love! Hurry home Amalia.

Friday, May 29, 2009

So, how is kinder going you ask???

Well, we've finally had breakthrough!

There have been 2 weeks now where I haven't been working on a Friday.

The very first week I was asked to stay for the morning. I took Eb to kinder and then went for my walk because I honestly thought it was too early for me to stay a full morning. I told Ebony I was coming back, but didn't make any comment on when. She was a little distressed, but not too bad really. My concern was that she would start to expect me to stay every week if I stayed right from the beginning. It worked out to be a great morning. When I cam back I just observed her for a while and she seems to be coping really well. I then joined in some of her activities and I also helped out in the background. I really enjoyed the morning and loved seeing how well she played and enjoyed herself.
The second week I left her for the first time with a smile and wave! She was happy for me to go.
Although I walked away recognising that a new journey of independence was beginning and recognizing that it was one of those 'lasts'. That brings a tinge of sadness with it. The acknowledgment that Eb is now 'happy' without me. Yes - it is very healthy I know - I'm just being honest about how I was feeling. It's a great thing. I was able to head home and get some work done. I counted the time until I went back to get Eb, but I coped!. I think the other breakthrough this time was that she was basically happy to talk about Lou and Myka and, in her way, she was looking forward to going. It's taken 1.5 terms....but we've go there. Sadly we now have about 6 weeks away with a trip to Melbourne, then a 2.5 week break up to visit Nana and Pa and then school holidays. Hopefully she'll be fine when we return!

Here's some photo's .....

This one is actually taken at home....but I love it!

It was 'fairy day' at Kinder so I was finally able to dress Eb in her Fairy Dress. I've made the decision to keep Eb's hair tied back on Kinder days because of head lice - not my favorite look - but who cares!

How happy!

Me....and my girl

Today was a day I don't think I will ever forget.
I have been feeling like we have really begun a breakthrough in the attachment realm.
Today - after 2 years, 5 month and 4 days my darling little girl said 'I love you Mummy' after I said I loved her. We were laying in bed this morning having a bit of time together when I just hugged her and told her I loved her. I was reduced to tears when she put her little hand on my face and responded with her 'I love you Mummy'. Wow - what a feeling.
It's been quite an emotional day. She went off to kinder like an absolute trooper - she was delightful and happy to stay without me. I walked on my own again and just relished in this long sought feeling of total contentment that my little girl is really, REALLY starting to recognise what love could be.
She's been amazing all day. She woke very, very early this morning, so by the time we got home from Kinder and then visiting Tania and little Austin she was over it so I decided to put her to bed even though it was 1.45. She slept until 4.45 and woke up so beautifully. A couple of times she just came running to me for a hug and then she just sat in my lap while I rubbed her back while I watched 'Better Homes and Gardens'. It was truly an amazing and wonderful day!

Friday, May 22, 2009


A novel idea - a post about me.
Today, for the first time in 2 years, 4 months and 27 days I went for a walk totally and completely on my own.
I dropped a happy little girl at Kinder and then walked.
How different it felt.
It brought up a lot of different emotions really.
Who am I these days when I'm not Ebony's Mummy? I don't know that I really know the answer to that. I don't really want to. I'm happy to be who I am when I'm with her. Probably more happy than I am when I'm not with her. Probably not a good thing, but I'll work on that progressively as she settles into Kinder and then School I guess. Probably also something many, many Mum's go through. Just, like so many things, it's never discussed.
I enjoyed it - it was fun. I got to think about different things than what she is wanting at that moment. But I missed her. I missed her sweet little smile, her warm little hand in mine. Her sunshine - her joy - her happiness.
Hmmmmm. Why did I write this - I don't know. But I'm glad I did.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tasmania Day 7 - our last day

Well - all good things must come to an end.
Eb had a terrible night for some reason and ended up in our bed at some stage. Her and I woke up absolutely exhausted. She actually stayed in our bed and slept while we packed bags around her! I couldn't believe it.

I finally had to wake her and get her ready to go.
Once again - she loved the plane. I didn't so much this time - it was quite bumpy!

about to board...

...that's excitement...not fear!

When we arrived home in Melbourne we drove straight out to Wantirna where we finally put a deposit on our new Camper Trailer! What an exciting way to end a holiday. It will take about 3 months to be ready - but I don't mind at all. More chance to save for it!
Then it was off home to Mt Beauty.
A wonderful and very special holiday enjoyed by all of us. We are blessed.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tasmania Day 6 - Last full day

Today dawned as the most perfect day imaginable to wake up at Freycinet Bay. The sky was the most beautiful, clear blue. I couldn't believe our luck! We headed off for a very yummy breakfast at the Lodge overlooking the crystal clear water. We could have been anywhere in the world!

Our breakfast venue...

with amazing views....

ooohhh this one will always be a special photo...I love it!

After Breakfast we decided on a walk. We drove to where we planned, but didn't end up there so took a short 20 min walk before we made our way to our destination....Wineglass Bay lookout. Here's were I was a bit of a silly Mummy. I decided not to take water for myself because if I drink it I need a bathroom...and none were to be found on the walk. I did however, forget about my darling daughter. I had no idea it was going to be quite the walk it was nor that it would end up as warm as it did. Needless to say - after about 25 mins of a 'moderate' walk (which is NOT an easy walk) I said to Graham that the first time Eb asked for water we would have to turn back. She was so amazing and she did so well without water. She walked most of the way and we made it to the Coles Bay lookout which was still spectacular - then she asked for water so we turned back. All in all she walked some 90 minutes that morning and barely complained. We have such a little trooper. I was very proud of her.

Some of the spectacular views on our first walk...

...another very VERY special photo!

Then we started walk #2

Safe in Daddy's arms...

Yep! I can still put her up there at the moment!...

Another wonderful opportunity to enjoy the wildlife!

We then had a bit of a look around and headed back to Launceston at a relaxed pace. It was beautiful and a very special day or so with just the 3 of us.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tasmania Day 5

11th May
Off to Freycinet National Park .... Yay! I've been really looking forward to this day. We (finally) left at about 11am and headed into town to get something very special for Anita - then we stopped at a leather place and I bought a pair of shoes and boots (so beauitful and yet so well priced). Then we had lunch in Ross before heading, via two wineries, to Freycinet.
We paid what I would call 'top dollar' for our accommodation this night, and I sadly had high expectations. I was seriously disappointed. The rooms are 'nice', but it is such a beautiful location we don't have even the slighted view. Very, VERY misrepresented on their website I have to say. I was sure to still be very grateful for a night in a very comfortable bed in a 'nice' clean place. Don't get me wrong - it is a nice place, but when I consider their price per night is the same as my B&B, my guests are in heaven in comparison!
We went out to the cheaper version of dinner at Freycinet Lodge, but sadly Eb got something in her eye and it kinda made a mess of the night....especially for her! We had to head back to our room very early and here we sit with no TV at 7pm! Well, there is something to be said for no TV isn't there!!!!!!

Winery crawling....with a lipstick stop :)

What else is there for a little girl to do in a Lodge with no TV? watch a DVD!

The Lodge eating area in twilight

Very, very spectacular by day or night

Mummy and daughter

Any chance of playing on a keyboard and Eb will be there...even though she doesn't get to at home....or is it BECAUSE she doesn't get to do it at home???

One very sore eye at dinner time

Big girl bed

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tasmania Day 4 - Mothers Day!

What a special day Mothers Day is! and always will be. Today I woke to a gorgeous card from my sweet husband and amazing daughter. Then I had breakfast prepared for me by the children of our hosts...what a treat! Yummy eggs on toast. How special.
We were going to go to Church, but decided it would probably not go well with Ebony anyway, so we headed off to one of the local markets instead (where Eb had a ball on a jumping castle - I've never seen her play independently with strangers like she did). It was a fun morning and I managed to find a new (well new to me) leather handbag - nice and small - and I got a change of clothes for Eb's favourite 'Gabi' doll.
We had lunch out then went to a leather place and then on to a glass place where I bought some beautiful jewelery - something I don't often do because I'm not much of a jewelery person really - but this is quite special - for me anyway!
We got home in time to unpack from the day and repack the car to head an hour north to visit my dear 'blogging' friend Cristina and her family.....which includes the delightful Alice who is 2 years 4 months old and was adopted when she was only 9 months old...and is a tiny little dot of a girl...and full of spunk! This was the greatest treat of my Mother's Day. To have never met this family in person so it was particularly special to be enjoying a yummy meal with them while our daughter had SO much fun. Watching her play that evening was the greatest joy of all for me. Cristina and her husband Duncan were every bit as warm and welcoming as Cristina's blog represented and their other two beautiful children - Beth and Liam - were amazing too! Ebony fell in love with Liam particularly (probably because he took so much time with her) and he, Ebony and Alice ran around like the beautiful children they are. I have NEVER seen Eb so hot from running around so much! We had never met this family in person, and here we were enjoying a meal and a delightful evening with them. Both Gra and I felt we could have stayed for hours to really get to know this delightful family - a few grabbed hours just wasn't enough! I can't thank them enough for welcoming us into their home. Now they will live in our hearts and we hope very much to come back and see them before too long.

Having lots of fun on the jumping castle...

taken where we had lunch

Alice and Eb at play

and having LOTS of fun

The divine Miss A

Reading together

Eb and Liam saying goodbye

Beautiful big hugs

and a last dance together