Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Where are we at?

Well, I'm about to leave to take my precious girl to her Nana and Pa's down in Lakes Entrance for 4 nights and then on to Phillip Island where we'll experience our first Families with Children from China camp. I'm very excited - but also very glad that my girl is finally back to being my 'little ray of sunshine'. It's been a torrid few weeks with her being unwell. Finally found out she has had 'tonsillitis' and a very severe dose. Some yucky penicillin for 10 days and now she's good as new!
She's changing soooooo much in her speech. She tries to say almost everything we say, which is just the cutest!
We've had the pleasure of a visit from one of the sweetest people in the adoption world - Tracey - a now dear friend who traveled many hours to come and stay with us for three nights. Our friend is waiting for allocation and I was delighted to be able to give her a taste of what joy lay ahead for her. Your time is coming my friend and the wait WILL be worth it - even though it never seems it along the journey. It was an absolute joy to have Tracey here and Ebony, Graham and I can't wait until Ebony has another little China doll to share her life with.
Well - this is just a quick post - I won't be back on deck for a few weeks and then I'll have lots of news and photo's to share. In the meantime, enjoy some new photo's.

Doesn't need words!

I think I've got my first headache :)

..and I still sleep in all sorts of ways!

another of mummy's favorites

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

When little cousins come to visit

There's lots of fun to be had!

Ebony didn't really understand what was happening - I tried to show her photo's and help her understand that her two littlest cousins were coming.....but she didn't really understand.
Bec and Lizzie did however! they were excited - or at least Bec was (she's 4 1/2 - Lizzie is 2.3). Lizzie was sort of there.
When they arrived Eb was asleep and they couldn't wait for her to wake (either could I!). It was so beautiful to see her face when she saw the girls - she was so excited. That repeated itself every time she woke to see their faces. It's one of the many joys I experience - seeing her joy.

We had a lovely time together. Didn't do much (although Bern and I scrapbooked whenever we could). We did go to the park on Monday - where Eb fell 2+ meters off one piece of equipment. I never want to see that happen again - it was the scariest thing I've experienced so far - I don't think I've ever moved so fast to get to her. I was standing right beside (up on the equipment) her talking to Graham when it happened - she missed a step and at that point there is an opening in the play equipment - and that's where she fell from. Thankfully she only ended up with a small cut on her face from the tan bark - I however didn't stop shaking from the adrenaline for a few hours. I watched her very carefully throughout the rest of the day and was particularly vigilant overnight - kept thinking of internal bleeding - but thankfully my girl is absolutely fine.

A couple of times we went next door and fed the animals. Our neighbor has kindly said we can come in whenever we like so I keep all my veggie scraps. There are chooks, geese, peacocks, bantam hens, guinea fowls, alpaca's, sheep - so much fun for the girls.

It was a great 4 days - I felt very sad when they left - I just love having people around. Thankfully I now have a precious little girl of my own to keep me company!

The three girls on the deck at home

Just after 'the fall'

Having fun with mummy

....and with Lizzie

Three girls having a bath

and feeding the animals...

Ebony and Lizzie off for a walk

After they've gone home...sitting in the middle of our (quiet) road.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

My bestest daddy.....

I think I'm the luckiest girl in the world and today is 'daddy's day' mummy tells me. This past week Mummy and me put together a special thing for daddy - here's a picture.

Mummy says it's a photo of the moment that daddy first held me - and he loves this photo. So do I (it actually makes him cry still!). Mummy said that the photo shows exactly what daddy is like with me. He really loves me and he barely ever raises his voice to me. He's always happy when he sees me when he gets home from work and then we play together until it's time to 'eat' (I love that time too!).

Daddy is just the best fun and my favorite times are when daddy and me go outside. He does some work and I just love be around his feet. He doesn't panic when things happen and he gives the bestest cuddles. I feel so cared for when I'm in his arms. I also get VERY excited whenever I see him!

No-one seems to talk much about my birth daddy - Mummy says we never hear much about the pain of the birth daddy's - but she believes that my birth daddy would be very, very sad too. If he even got to look at my beautiful face and eyes - he would be very sad knowing what he is missing she says. I'll work all that out when I get a bit older....it doesn't make much sense to me at the moment.

By the way.....mummy says that 'dada' is the first word I ever spoke....and she says it's still the word I say the most....and usually with 'glee' whatever that is!

Here's a picture of me and my daddy at the park.....Daddy popped by to see us when we were there....'cause that's just what my daddy does....aren't I just so lucky!