Friday, May 31, 2013

Some more bits and pieces of May

How beautiful is this place we call home
 It's not often that we get to go into the bush with daddy....but today we did.  Lovely outdoors fun together as a family

 We've done a few rides after Church on Sundays.  Today was such a beautiful day and we stopped and had some lunch and let you have a swing and play before we headed off for a ride together.

 More visions of Autumn at home
 You are just too cute my love
Spectacular moonrise
 Another bike ride after Church
 Finally a few fun before school moments.  You are growing so fast.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Life at 7 and 3/4ers

It's only 3 months from the last post....but there's a lot of change.

You love almost everything .... but you do have a great sense of right and wrong.  You are learning what it is to be offended and to offend.  You are sensitive when things happen that you know will hurt others.

We have had some tough times as a family.....but I'm grateful that you are mostly unaware.  If mummy has cried you will come and hug me.  That is all I need.  If I'm stressed and not coping as well, you say to me "take a big breath mummy".  How could I not smile at that.  Now I'm teaching you that the best thing to do when you feel stressed or to pray.

Tonight, as we were driving home, you were talking to me about tennis and you said 'myself taught me how to.....'  I smiled big because it's such a sweet thing to say.  There's lots you are aware of now and lots you still struggle to get your tongue around.....but you are getting there.  Your reading is great (although Mrs. Franzke has decided to put you back to level 19 so you pick up the story lines better and can retell) and I'm delighted with how you are taking your weekly spelling challenge in your stride.  At first, if you got a word wrong, you would fall apart.  Now you are learning that it's ok to get it wrong first..... perseverance will get you there.  Such a big thing for a little girl to learn.

You love gymnastics, which you started this term, and you are really enjoying tennis still.  These are the two things we will be sticking with.  Tennis will stop in June and resume later in August (it's just toooo cold here!).  It will be nice, in the cold months, to only go out once a week.

I pray you find a very special little friend.....someone you feel comfortable with always.  There is one little girl you love....but she has a best friend and this causes problems at times.

We have no idea what the future will hold.  Our home is on the market and we are considering a move to Bendigo....but we will wait and see what seems right.  It's a very big decision.

We get on so well and I cherish those times when you just want a 'huggle'.  Where you wrap your little arms around my neck and just rest there.  In the mornings, when you don't really feel up to going to school (this only started this year and only because you are struggling at school) you will come and put your head on me and just rub into me like you want to hide.  We talk it through and then you are better.  We have been for a ride after church the last 2 Sunday's and it has been so much fun.  You have giggled and sang your way through the whole 12kms.  You love it.  Daddy was able to join us the last time and that was extra fun.  We take a picnic lunch and eat that before we head off.  The lovely things we can do as a family together make my heart sing.

You still love TV (you'd watch it all day if I let you!), but we only watch it occasionally   Never before school (that would definitely make us late!).  You are enjoying the app 'Dragon Skies' on the iPad....I find it frustrating....but you persevere!.  You are also really enjoying colouring and making books with your colouring.  You like to re-write books that you read and your skills with colouring are coming along beautifully.

You like all things pink and princess....and I'm so glad!  That's the sort of little girl I always dreamed I'd have.  You are starting to dress yourself a bit more these days and you are attempting to do your own hair! (that's fun to see :).  We have even started a 'reward' chart for you now and you are (at the moment) enjoying the challenge.  It is time for some responsibility I'm afraid sweetheart!  You love to sleep-in these days.....most days I have to wake you from a deep sleep at 7.30am....I'm not looking forward to the teenage years although I should have known after the way you slept as a toddler!

I know the little cherub who adores her mummy is not going to be here forever.  I pray you will still adore me....but I know it will look different.  Today...all I can cherish the now.

Mummy xxx

Saturday, May 25, 2013

You and her

You and Erin.  
You adore her and the two of you play so well.  
We picked Erin and Jas the dog up and went for a walk and a bit of fun at the rockpools.
I love seeing you together.  I love the innocent fun you have together.
Makes my heart smile big.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

An adventure and a car

Well, another adventure.  I headed of on a dull and dreary Wednesday to pick up a car from Adelaide.  I flew from Albury to Melbourne and then from Melbourne to Adelaide.
I don't fly well at the best of times these days and I exhausted every possibility in the hope that I would be able to go by train (or at least part the way by train) but it worked out cheaper to fly.
It was a huge day ~ I left home at about 9am and arrived in Adelaide at 6pm.
The gentleman I was buying the car from picked me up from the airport and drove me to his place where I collected the car and headed off.  The pictures don't show it....but it was horrible below the clouds!  It was pouring when I left Adelaide at about 7.15 so I decided I just needed to get as far as I could. I made it to Murray Bridge...nothing like as far as I hoped.  It was raining so hard I just didn't feel confident in a new car.
Stayed in a quirky motel and settled in for the night.
Next morning I listened to the owner of the Motel and stayed long enough to visit the RAA to get some things sorted out.  I didn't help anything sadly, so I was a few hours behind in getting away.

I drove many miles and along the way, once place I stopped in was Nhill (the hospital where I was born) and Kaniva, where Dad and Mum took me home to.  I have no memories at all....but it was just interesting to go back there.

I was just too exhausted and couldn't make it home so ended up staying the night in Shepparton.  I was glad I did and actually had a lovely dinner on my own in a Thai restaurant there.  I was glad to be home and now this beautiful Suby has a new owner!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Party time

You've made a gorgeous little friend through Church.
Ashley is home schooled and is absolutely delightful.  She is one of 5 children.
You and her seem to have hit it off, so when you were invited to her 8th birthday party you were extremely excited!

Here's some memories from that very special day....

Friday, May 10, 2013

Some May moments

May has been a rather ordinary great highs and no great lows.....just a beautiful month to farewell Autumn and get ready for the cold of winter.

Our beautiful valley whilst I was on one of my walks.....

and taking in the beauty of the falling leaves of Autumn....

then there was a cheeky little cherub with her Suixi bear and Brown bear...

and some of the colours I collected of 1 single tree...

 fun run day at school and you took off so well....but got a little puffed out in the end

and here are some 'melt my heart moments with my beautiful girl