Monday, September 25, 2006

So now there's news

Referrals came through at lunchtime today and they are through to the 9th August! That means we're 10 log in days away! So what does that mean???? Hopefully it means we'll be next, so late October we should hear. (Which would mean travel December I think) Oh my gosh - could it really be? I'd give it an 85% chance. Everything points to the fact that it should happen, but so many have been disappointed in the past. I really don't know how to feel, but mostly I'm excited.

I also have to tell you about the most beauitful card I received from my 9 year old niece Renee today. It made me cry - actually I'll post photo's instead.....they speak for themselves. Everytime I re-read it I cry. I went straight to the block
(the builders have arrived) and I couldn't read it to Graham 'cause I was crying. I'm so lucky to have such a beautiful, caring niece who loves God like she does. (If you can't read it - she says "Dear Jen, I was so upset when you left. I could feel my heart beating because it knew that I was feeling upset. I hope you have a safe trip and I know GOD will be with you. POME (how cute!) : God loves you - He knows what you do - He hears the Cows go moo - and I LOVE YOU! ) Ooh - here I go again....tissues!

No news yet....

It's only early, but I just wanted to share. I've woken up this morning feeling better than I have since we arrived back "home" from our week in Melbourne. I didn't really realize that I wasn't doing so well last week. This is all such an adjustment, but I'm thanking God today for His goodness in helping walk me through this time in my life. The seasons are amazing here - a bit like life. Last week we had 26 degrees - yesterday we had warm sunshine to heavy hail and lo and behold I look out the window this morning and what do I see - snow again (I've included a photo). I couldn't believe it. Every time I think I've seen the last of the snow - it comes back. We also had a heavy frost this morning - and now the sun is shining beautifully. Well - I'm off to see Graham at the block - at least with some sort of a spring in my step. The builders have arrived and life is going to look very different for us for the next few months as they will be living with us 10 days on and 4 days off (at least 3 times, maybe more). I pray I'll be writing really good news again before this day is out.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Meet some of my special friends

Tomorrow I hope to post more information on the next round of allocations - which could be a very exciting post - but before then, I want to introduce you to 2 of the children that have recently returned from China - Gabriella, who I spoke of earlier in the year and now Aislinn - who only returned on the 10th September. The first photo is Gabriella on the grass at playgroup - then Aislinn's referral photo (in the cane chair) and then Aislinn on her first day at home after flying in from China with her mum and dad (in the bottom right corner) - Derek and Sandi who were in our Education sessions. Both these little girls are so beautiful and it's a delight to be part of their lives. They both have wonderful and loving parents and being so far away from them is one of the sad things about living up here in Mt. Beauty!