Wednesday, June 25, 2008

To her mama she's precious and perfect...18 months on

Yep! it's been 18 months. Can you believe it? I can barely.
You know this is been the wildest, most amazingly wonderful ride of my life.
It's had the occasional dip I'll confess - but not many and not for long.
My we've come a long way.
I look back on the photo of our first moments alone - when I cried silent tears for the horrible and sad journey that had brought me to this moment AND for the 16 months and 5 days that I had missed of this precious child's life. Thank God she was in His hands ultimately.

taken BEFORE the tears flowed....

Now, my little cherub comes to me and puts a sweet, beautiful chubby hand either side of my face and plants the most spontaneous and wonderful kiss on my lips.
She comes up to me and says 'cuddwle' and then, when I pick her up, she holds on to me like there's no tomorrow.
Now she is my very best 'little' friend.
I've spent much time reflecting on what the last 18 months have held.
I just love Ebony so much. I can't possibly even imagine or contemplate life without her.
She is at, by far, the most fun stage ever.
She is so sweet - so gentle, so loving and so polite!
I am so truly blessed to have her in my life.
Many say she is blessed - I say she has filled a huge hole in my heart and she alone has put an end to the sadness and sorrow of the many years leading up to now.
I and I alone - am the luckiest one by far.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Another 'walk' in the park

Ebony is amazing me at the moment. Walk NO - run YES! She's amazing and she's amazing anyone who comes to visit. I barely need the pram, but it's handy for those 'moments' when she decides she wants a rest. Really, she's just plain good fun. I'm working quite a bit at the moment but I'm being sure to go for lots of walks with her and just spend time. I'm determined NOT to get back into bad habits and it's really reaping it's rewards. It's freezing here - but I'm still doing it unless it's really raining. So - here are some photo's of yet another walk around the pondage at Mt. Beauty!

Then there's the visit to the bakery afterwards and then the first time ever meringue - what I can't show you is the fall that my little darling took from the heights of a stool. I have no idea how it happened but she ended up on her rear end with a shattered plate and very broken meringue. Thankfully she did nothing but chuckle!!! and the owners supplied her with a new meringue. Her mummy, on the other hand, almost needed medical attention :).

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Actually - no - let's just dance!

This is one girl that also LOVES to dance!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Did you say let's go for a walk?????

Walk? what's that? I don't know how to walk! I just love to run and have fun!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Time for a catch up !

It's been a while I know - but life has been VERY busy at the moment.
I've been going back through some photo's and couldn't resist posting these. They were taken at kinda gym - which Eb just loves. She took the 'lid' of one of the toys and put it on her head.....she looks more Chinese than ever I think!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Yes - I can hear you all saying it - not ANOTHER trip away! This one is one I really look forward to - it was a get together with our 'batch' - that is all the families that travelled to China together to pick up are little girls. It was a lovely weekend. Sadly one of the Mum's was quite sick and that family couldn't come - we missed them lots I must say. We stayed in a Caravan Park in Cabins which was ok, but not our choice at winter again. We rarely saw each other after dark simply because it was too cold and not really safe enough to move from cabin to cabin once children were in bed. But the days were fun. We arrived Friday night, caught up with a couple of others then headed 'home' for an early night. Saturday we got up and went to the Chinese Museum. The children had a wonderful time as you'll see on the photo's (actually the photo's don't quite show how much fun they did have!)

Running around the Museum and having a ball!

Some of the amazing colour at the Museum

Then we went to the gorgeous park opposite the Museum where the girls had fun feeding the fish and hugging the statues!.....

Feeding the fish

and hugging one of the statues

most of the mums and dads and one of the little Cherubs - Eliza

our little cherub eating as usual!

and sitting on another statue

Then it was of to the 'Beechworth Bakery' for some lunch then home for a sleep.
Later in the day we all met at the playground and the girls played while we chatted, ate etc. It was a fun time and great seeing the girls together again. Then it was back to our cabins for some sleep.

Fun at the playground

Sunday we went for a fun ride on the 'Talking Tram'. It was great seeing all the little girls and their different antics. I really enjoyed the trip although I don't remember much of the commentary I must say! We then went to the 'Foundary Arms' (I think) for lunch and the girls had lots of fun playing, eating etc. The mums and dads also had a lovely meal...even if it wasn't exactly peaceful (those days are gone!). Then it was home to give the girls a nap, then we all met for nibbles again. We had a couple of families come and visit that night and Eb ended up having a bit of a late night - but we had fun!

All the girls on the talking tram

Vicki, Camille and Tim

Col, Meiya and ????Mandy

Jim, Eliza and Kate

Dick, Ruby and Wendy

Eb on the tram

....and playing

lunch out

Eb and Ruby just before bed

Then it was our final day and we decided to get up and at 'em early and check out a location for a group photo - of course it wouldn't be the 'normal' group photo because one of our precious little sisters wasn't there - but we had lots of fun anyway. We found a temple just near the Museum and it was the perfect place for the girls to have some fun and for us to get some photo's!

A fun photo coming over the bridge

and all sitting together

some pictures don't need words :)

Mummy and her girl

Enjoying her first ever Hungry Jacks on the way home

It was a great weekend - we all had lots of fun and we're still amazed at how well the adults get on. Mind you - with 6 gorgeous girls like we have, who needs an excuse to get on well together. It will always, ALWAYS be so special to me when I see these little ones...and as they grow older....together.