Monday, October 30, 2006

No news yet with the adoption.....but some for the new home!

Life certainly has its ups and downs - but I'm choosing joy! There is still no news on the adoption front. It WILL happen and part of me can't wait - but I have to wait so I'm going to wait well :) As a result this post is about our developing new home! Here's some updated photo's.....

As you can see - the deck is amazing and it looks so much more like a home with windows in it!. The builders have worked very, very hard and they are due to leave on Wednesday and they won't be back they hope! They are both absolutely exhuasted! The rest will be up to us to organise trades to do. Bye 'till the next post.......

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What will today bring?

Good sound sleep is becoming a thing of the past. I guess it's a bit like being in the very last stage of pregnancy. I'm awake far more than normal. I'm up checking emails at ridiculous times of the night. I can't think straight - and yet there is an incredible sense of peace.
We are staying with my brother and sister in law at the moment (and their 2 beautiful little girls!) - my sister in law (Bernie) is checking the CCAA site more often than I am, which is so sweet.
The reality is that we are most likely included in this next lot of referrals - but I really can't fully go there yet. I won't until it's official. I truly thought we would hear Mon or Tues - so I'm hopeful for today.
I don't want to wish away time - I have full faith that all things will happen when they are meant to and I don't want the time to go quickly when Ebony is home - so I must be patient now and enjoy this time and it's excitement.
The next post should be the one I've dreamed about posting for such a long, long time.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

100 good wishes quilt progress

For those of you who aren't aware - I've taken on the project of a 100 good wishes quilt which is a Chinese tradition. If you are interested in being part of this, just leave a comment on my blog (with your email address) and I'll send you what I'm doing. Anyone can participate! It's a gift for little Ebony when she's older and can understand its meaning. I have 24/100 squares (photo of them below) so they are........and thanks so much to all of you who have been able to get their's done. I'm trying to have all the squares in by 30th November.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Today is what some would call Black Friday - not us though!


Well, don't things change a lot in one week!  I've been laid up after having knee surgery on Monday (everything went incredibly well) and today was my first chance to get back and see the progress.  I was thrilled!  Everyone's been working very hard (except me!).  The first photo shows what will be the kitchen.  The second photos is taken standing in the kitchen looking through the lounge.  The third photo is the view from the office!  Gosh I can't believe how incredible it looks.  We both feel totally blessed.

We've had a few issues this week with engineering and bracing - but so far so good. Trusses should be up in the next day or so and windows arrive on Monday! WOW.

In amongst this we patiently wait for news from China. We have to head back down to Melbourne Monday 23rd as we have a new employee starting and I have to have my post-op 
appointment. I truly hope that during that week we will have really good news!

Life has its twists and turns - but if I can leave it to God it works out as it should.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Our new home has started!

It's been 10 days since I posted. Already 10 days! it's so hard to believe that in another 20ish days we hope to hear the news we've waited SUCH a LONG time to hear. China is celebrating a National holiday this week - so most businesses close down. This could mean referrals are delayed by a week. Only time will tell.
Now for an update on the building. Below is a picture of where we are at as of today. The builders started on Monday 25th September and spent the whole week here (they are staying with us). The were due to go back home to Melbourne today, but ended up leaving on Monday because the frame and trusses have been held up and won't be here until next Monday. Our first delay. I'm actually glad because the home we are living in is ours again (going to have to get used to that changing!). Anyway, the weather was spectacular for the builders last week and they got lots done (and so did we!). We had to come back down to Melbourne on the weekend for Aislinn's Christening in Werribee. It was a LONG weekend, but it was lots of fun. A quiet week for me this week - just catching up on things - doing some craft and getting ready for surgery on my knee on Monday and the builders return.