Friday, February 29, 2008

Australia Day thanks

I wanted to send a letter to the Alpine Shire Mayor - Cr. Nino Mautone and it took me much longer than I had planned to get my act together....but I finally did and here's the end result...

I've put 2 photo's in the hope that it's clear - there is no frame - it's just a glass full frame (if that makes sense) and the words I wrote are....

29th February : 2008

Alpine Shire Council

PO Box 139

Bright Vic 3791

Dear Cr. Nino Mautone,

This is a bit late coming – but better late than never.

I wanted to say a ‘personal’ thank you for how you handled the Citizenship Ceremony on Australia Day which included our daughter Ebony. Ebony was adopted by us, from China.

Ebony was placed in our arms on Christmas Day 2006 at the age of 16 months. Her beginnings in this world were not easy – as a result it’s been our hearts desire to make as much out of special events in her life as we can. We were more than delighted with how you handled this special day for our daughter – the occasion of her becoming an Aussie Citizen. I had long hoped (even before we were given her) that we would be able to celebrate her Citizenship at an Australia Day ceremony – but I never dreamed that the Mayor would make her special day even more special. I truly wish I had videoed it – you made her Daddy and I – let alone Ebony feel so special and so blessed to have been honoured this way. The weather was spectacular and so was the location – but nothing came close to how wonderfully you received her.

Thanks also to Helen – who helped make it all happen. She was so willing to have Ebony involved and that meant a lot to us as well.

From the bottom of our hearts – thank you. You obviously are a very special man who appreciates all that children are and all they can be.

We appreciate you,

Kind regards

Jen (Graham & Ebony) Boote

Mt. Beauty, Victoria, Australia

The privilege of parenting

Last night - for the first time in a long time - my little girl woke up very, very distressed. I'm exhausted at the moment because I've just started working (only 1 day per week - but it's cleaning). When I heard her cry there wasn't really time to think about me - my natural responses kicked in and I went straight in to her. I still don't know what was wrong - but I had the joy of comforting my little girl - of cuddling in with her and holding her until she made those gorgeous sucking sounds that tell me she ready to go back to sleep. She then woke again at about 5.45 so I brought her into bed with us (something we've rarely done) and she really didn't sleep after that - she was too busy kicking us and rolling over! Still I count it a privilege - I'm not saying this isn't hard for some other parents - I'm not judging anyone - I'm just enjoying those precious moments of being a mummy that are gone all too quickly. Before I know it those times won't happen anymore and I won't be able to comfort her in the way I can at the moment. These are the times I cherish and times when I pray the true bonding between mummy and daughter happens....

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

2.5 years old

Just some funny little things that are happening with Ebby....

Every time someone comes to the door or walks up to us or we come to their door - Eb points to her feet and says shoes! if you can explain that one I'll be thrilled!

She can now 'copy' saying the whole alphabet and knows ABC very well.

When I walk into her room in the morning I say 'Morning' - recently she said exactly the same thing back to me....and then this morning she said 'morning' before I did!

She's learning to dance....I'll try and get that on video if I can - it's just the cutest thing. I actually took her to the local 'learn to dance' studio recently and it was amazing to see how she loved it! At one stage the instructor turned the music off and went back to talk with the class .... guess what my girl did???? she turned the music back on by herself and started bopping away! Mothers aren't usually allowed in the room, but because she's so young the instructor allowed me - oh! how I wish I'd taken my camera with me - it had to be seen to be believed. I asked the instructor afterwards what she felt about Ebony doing dance (this day was just a trial) and she said that although Eb obviously loved music and danced very well for a 2.5, she can't take instruction yet and to try again in 3rd term. I had to say I agreed! but it was fun trying out anyway :)

Recently we were out on the front deck and she decided she'd like to play in her little pool (half of one of those clam shells). I said it was ok even though she was fully clothed .... next thing I know she points to the water and says 'it own?'...... sit down! I couldn't believe it - I think that the first real question she's asked me!

Just recently she really surprised me when I heard her count out 'one, two, three, four' along with Humphrey!

When she sees a duck she says 'back, back, back, back' with total emphasis! (back is quack by the way).

Eb has a lisp - so, so cute! It's most obvious when she says oops (which she says a lot lately). Once again something I really need to catch on movie.

Ebony also loves sitting on our laps - all the time! She is SO strong and she will pull and pull at our arms until we are down to her level and then she just happily sits there!

She is STILL an amazing sleeper. Even if she doesn't sleep during the day one day (which is rare) - she will resume a 3 hour sleep the next day onwards. I can't believe my luck.

She is 12.7kg and although she's not in many size one's I'm finding size 2 have to have an adjustable waist or they swim on her (or end up at her ankles!).
She's also made it to 91cm's (which is why size 1 are too short now!).

She is a very determined little soul and she is learning how to 'use' tears to get her own way. Luckily her mummy is on to her :)
She will also 'mock' hurting herself and then pull this gorgeous little sort of sad face that you have to see to believe and come to us (over and over again) to get a 'kiss better'.

She is now starting to put lots of words together. She loves 'outside' 'shut door' 'naw ty' 'fall out' ...the list goes on - but it's just so cute. Cow is 'tow', Cat is 'tat', Bottle is 'bople'. She knows the sound of most farm animals and the names of most too .... even if they're her own version!

She sings so much of the time - I just love hearing that sound.

Eb is such a good little girl - she opens AND CLOSES the screen door to the deck whenever she comes in and out. She says 'peeze' (please) often and 'ta' whenever she's given something.
She is very pedantic about where she has her morning bottle - she won't be happy until it's where SHE wants it to be - couch/chair/'s a lucky dip in the mornings! After she's had her bottle she will get her 'toys' (very clear that word) and bring them into bed with matter what they are! The bed can be overtaken some mornings.....and how I love it!

She's a delight - she's so much fun - she melts my heart and fills my days with joy. I feel so blessed and so happy and content.

My sleeping beauty

Photo face

Fun at the park

Playing on Elijah's scooter

Lunch at the pool

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Chinese New Year

Unfortunately things are very quiet in a tiny town like Mt. Beauty (Pop'n 2300) so we didn't get to celebrate as such....and we'd been invited to some people's place for dinner with a whole bunch of tradesmen who had worked on their house. Needless to say, I still dressed Eb in one of her outfits and took some photo's...I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't get a really good one - but we had fun anyway. Then there are 2 photo's taken at the place we went to dinner where Eb had an absolute ball on their trampoline.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

First trip to Melbourne for 2008

Ebby and I embarked on our first 2008 trip to Melbourne the first weekend in February. We had a horror trip down. Eb fell asleep and then was woken when I had to brake suddenly because there were emergency vehicles on our side of the road for an accident on the other side of the road...and absolutely no warning! She was hysterical and I had to stop twice and nothing would settle her - so I high-tailed it to the closest (not even nearly close enough!) road house where I got her a bottle and let her stretch her legs - thankfully she settled after that.

We arrived at Chris, Ruth and Suixi Mei's and we had a lovely evening (albeit it late for Eb and Mei). The next morning we headed of to another of Eb's Suixi buddies - Camille and her mum and dad Vicki and Camille (Millie). The girls had fun although they're still parallel playing which is normal for this age and also because they hadn't seen each other for a while. Camille's cousin Chloe was there too and she's so good with the girls.

Ebby and Camille playing

These two are of Eb playing with Chloe

We took of from there and headed to a friends surprise 60th Birthday and that was great - so many people that hadn't even met Ebony yet - it was lovely and I'm glad we went.

We then took the trek back across town to visit yet another of the Suixi girls - Eliza and her mum and dad Kate and Jim. There we stayed the night and the girls had fun - probably played a bit better this time. We had a lovely time once again....but it went far too quickly.

Eb and Eliza at play and eating...

Sunday morning we headed back across town again to our friends Steve, Sandi and Molly who leave the next weekend to go to China to pick up their darling SON. Yes! a boy in our midst. I really can't wait to meet this little guy and to see his new 'big sister' Molly (7) be the best sister a little guy could have. What an adventure they have ahead of them....I'm totally jealous and would love to be there! Sandi was so exhausted - but we had a wonderful time all the same. Eb and I headed of Monday with me totally exhausted too. We even popped in to see Suixi buddy no. 4 - Meiya and her mum and dad Col and Mandy in Benalla on the way home so mummy could have a break (and to see Meiya of course!).

And now with Molly

Another great weekend - although I really do have to change how I do things if I'm going to enjoy the trips to Melbourne. 3 nights - 3 different beds....never again! xx