Saturday, August 31, 2013

August...the last month of winter....and my training begins

This month will appear super quiet.  Why?  Well, I've made the decision to become an ACO.  An ACO is an Ambulance Community Officer.  I have quite a bit of training to complete before we leave for Cambodia in October.  Needless to say - photographs have had to take a back seat!

Doesn't mean we didn't get to enjoy some really lovely times together.  July was a huge month so this one needed to be a bit quieter anyway :-)

First up was a walk on the cool weekend morning to have some photo's taken with the early August wattle whose sight is so welcome after a long winter....

Next it was book week dress up day!  You chose 'Billy B Brown'  I thought you looked super cute!

Then it was your 8th Birthday.  I love you sweetheart and can't believe you are 8!  I have absolutely LOVED your year of 7 - you have loved me like a I am the most special person in your life.  I can do little wrong in your eyes.  What a special year it has been!  I know it can't last.
You chose a 'my little pony' party for your birthday!  You said it was your best ever.  It was a LOT of work, but I didn't mind at all :) xxx

A beautiful rainbow for your birthday...

Ever since you were a baby, you have had this sweet sucking motion.  Even now - at 8 years old, you still have it and tonight I was lucky enough to capture it for all time!