Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Families with children from China Cultural Camp Day 4

Today was another wonderful day! Eb didn't do so well being a good friend to darling little Amalia this morning - she was 'hoarding' her toys! A bit disappointing for mummy - but proves she's a normal child!
We headed off, by bus, to do some 'Dragon Boating'. I didn't quite know what to expect - but we were all fitted out with life jackets and oars and, after some instruction, put in a boat. There were 3 boats full and we had a wonderful time. Eb got to have a paddle whenever she wanted (we just shared an oar) and she loved it! It was another beautiful day - perfect for boating! We were out for about 45 minutes (which was plenty for my arms!).

After all the activity Eb and I headed back to our accommodation for Eb to have a rest. It must have been much needed because she slept for 2 1/4 hours! We then headed off to do some 'retail therapy' at Harbourtown - which was good fun but we only had an hour so didn't get much. It was just nice to spend some relaxed time I think.
We headed back to pick Cristina and Alice up and ended up on the beach for a few hours - Eb had so much fun with Ruby and her new friend Emma who is almost 6. She is such a sweet little girl!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Families with children from China Cultural Camp Day 3

Eb and Mei having some morning fun together before a BIG day!

Today was a really big day! We had already decided not to do Tai-Chi because it just made it too much of a rush. So, we boarded the bus at 9.30 and set off for our first destination....China Town. Here we did a wonderful 'Treasure Hunt'

which we all enjoyed....although it was over much quicker than our time had allowed so of course we made our way to a cafe to enjoy a Chai Latte and the girls just had fun running around the market!

Sadly, I picked Mei up from laying on the floor and managed to partially 're-bulge' my disc - that made for an interesting rest of the day let me tell you. I coped fairly well but ended up jumping in the car with Ruth (who had to leave that afternoon) rather than the bus until the last leg of the journey.
It was a fun day though. After the Treasure Hunt officially finished we all met at a wonderful restaurant in China Town and had a very, VERY yummy lunch! Then it was off to the Melba Chocolate Factory - well I don't think I need to say too much about that one! It was delicious and fun....

Eb and Mei waiting outside the Chocolate Factory for the bus to arrive....

From there it was off to a Toy Factory which was good - but the best thing was that we could walk the children amongst animals. Eb was a bit reserved, but seemed to enjoy her time. Ruby is so used to animals (she lives on a small farm) that she was a good influence on Ebony!

and YES! I was actually there too - but this is the only photo that proves it!

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Ruth and Mei who had to head back to Melbourne. We boarded the bus for a yucky (for Mummy) drive down the Adelaide Hills and back to our accommodation. Tonight we have moved in with Tracey and Amalia for the next two days so it was fun catching up with Tracey and spending some time with darling little Amalia who only arrived 'home' in Australia 2 months ago. She is an amazing and resilient little girl with a Mummy who is doing such a wonderful job of loving her!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Families with children from China Cultural Camp Day 2

Day 2 - another big day ahead! Eb and Mei were so excited to see each other and have some time together (as the photo's show!). They had a ball and I think they could have continued playing together for hours. But, we had a big day ahead, so off we went to the Sailing Club for more activities.

First up was Tai-Chi on the lawns which we thoroughly enjoyed doing. After that we did 'Kite making' which was an enormous success. I've never seen a kite fly so well! The children got to decorate them first, then put them together, then fly them. The weather was absolutely perfect for flying kites - the children had so much fun (and so did the Adults!).

Eb and her friends and their Mummy's or Daddy decorating their kite...

then the kite flying began....

Next was a lovely lunch at the Sailing Club ...

...and then the children had some time playing games while the adults were able to listen to 2 adult Vietnamese adoptees.

This was the only adult part of the program I was able to experience and I found it very, very interesting. I wish it was taped though! It's hard to remember now with so much happening.
The event co-ordinator has done a great job of providing a corner with a variety of different games for the children (covering all ages) to play in. Ebony had so much fun playing there quietly.

In the afternoon in was 'Mask Painting' - again a real hit with the children. Sadly Ebony and Mei and Alice's masks have gone missing! Eb's was such a 'work of art' too :).

...hard at it!...

Mei's creation...

Eb's creation....

the aftermath!...

Then it was time for a bit of 'fun on the beach' for the 3 batch buddies!
can't you just see them in 15 years time!....

This evening there was a showing of 'Kung Fu Panda', but I just knew Ebony needed an early night - so she got one (after a bit more fun with Mei) ...

while Ruth and I shared a glass of wine or two!

Oh! had to share the amazing and beautiful view we have from our lounge area!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Families with children from China Cultural Camp Day 1

This is a once a year event. We went to the first one in Phillip Island when Ebony was 2 yrs 2 months. Last year we couldn't go - it was in Sydney.
This year it was held in Adelaide, South Australia.
My special friend Cristina - who I first met via 'blogging' and her darling little daughter 'Alice' (also adopted from China) drove us to all the way to Adelaide. Ebony and I spent Friday night with my Brother, Sister-in-law and Beccy and Lizzie which was lovely. Saturday morning we got up early and drove to Strathmore which is where I left my car and Cristina and Alice picked us up. We went and had breakfast together and then we got on the road. We stopped in Bordertown SA that night in a lovely motel then today was the 'first' day and it was filled with fun! We arrived at our Accommodation about 1ish and Cristina and Alice went to their room for a nap while Eb and I unpacked and waited for Ruth and Mei to arrive. Then we all headed to where the 'camp' was happening.
Today was a bit of a 'getting to know you' session for the children (Eb was a bit young for that one!) and then we had a dinner out at a very yummy Chinese Restaurant. It was a fun night with a presentation by a Chinese Dragon (which terrified a number of the children....including mine!). Then back to our accommodation where our girls slept while Ruth and I caught up.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Painful rash

I have no idea what has caused this and it's been so horrible for Eb. At first I put it down to an Orange she had 1/3 of a segment of (flesh only). She has been offered orange before but has immediately given it back. The recipe I was doing called for the flesh only with no 'membrane' and she decided to put it in her mouth, but rejected it after a short while anyway.
The next morning (Thursday) - this was what I woke to.

I took her to the Doctor that morning, but when we went outside it seemed to settle a bit and wasn't as bad at the surgery. They suggested 'Claratyne' which I proceeded to buy - but when I gave it to her she seemed to flare up. I called the Chemist and they suggested Phenergan. That helped the itch, but didn't settle the rash. Poor child was undressing and writhing on carpet on the floor to scratch herself.
What was interesting about this rash is how it changed and moved around her body. There was absolutely nothing on her face until Friday even though it was so bad on Thursday.
Friday she was worse though. I was due to leave for South Australia first thing, but decided to go back to the Doctor. They were a bit concerned and took some tests but said she wasn't contagious and keep up the Phenergan. Thankfully, by Saturday afternoon it was all but gone. The doctors don't think it was an allergic reaction because it went on for too long. I guess I'll find out one day when I try orange again...if I'm ever game! I don't ever want to see her suffer like that again.

Friday, September 25, 2009

From China with Love

One of my dear 'blogger' friends Mendy alerted me to this website which has beautiful adoption related photo's. I decided to enter a 'Forever Day' favorite to it. Check it out here if you want to! You may need to scroll down a bit to find it - it Graham and Ebony and it's a priceless photo!.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Finally an appointment....

I've waited since March to get into a specialist appointment at the Royal Children's Hospital, and finally I've received notification that we'll see them on Thursday 29th October.
This is because one of Eb's leg's (left) is 'thicker' than the other which has been the case since we brought her home. The Pediatrician has been keeping an eye on it, and when he measured her in March the leg was also 2.5cm's longer so he decided it was time to see a specialist. I'm praying that it has fixed itself...and if it hasn't, that it will need little intervention. I'll post after we've been down to Melbourne.
Thankfully she is a bright, happy and VERY physically active little girl - it doesn't seem to bother her one little bit!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My dad turns 75

We decided to surprise Dad and Mum with a visit to celebrate. So off we headed to off on Friday and managed to give them a wonderful surprise. Eb was so good about it all and I think we made a very, very good decision. Mum and Dad hadn't seen Eb since June so it was lovely for them to witness the changes in her and she was great with them - very different even to June. When Dad got home from Bowls on Saturday she ran up to give him a big cuddle...what more could you want as a birthday present!
It was a lovely weekend and quite restful - we did venture into Bairnsdale on Saturday morning (gluttons for punishment most would say!). I'm so glad we made the trek!

Eb enjoying a moment with her Pa...

Helping him blow out the candles....

More cake fun for this Mummy!.....

and a special moment with Nana too...

having fun running as she often does...

and, in the last hours, helping Pa with some weeding!