Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sleeping beauty

Can't resist having a photo of a peaceful, sleeping princess....you are just so, so beautiful sweetie xx

Monday, November 29, 2010

Ducks - Christmas decorations and Eb's little muddy friend...

Funny name for a post - but these few photo's celebrate a day when we got to see a Mummy duck with her babies.....decorate the Christmas tree.....and take a photo of Eb's little muddy friend she made a kindy :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

First dance concert

Oh how sweet! honey you participated in your first ever Dance Concert. You've been a bit 'bewildered' about it all - but you have loved your dance (even though you get distracted VERY easily!). Finally the time came and you were so excited! You even got a little medal at the end of the night! It was so much fun and I loved it too. I'm so proud of you!

....before dress rehearsal..

your gorgeous group of littlies!

back at home before the 'big event'....complete with make up!

..on stage...but sadly very blurry!

on stage with all the children waiting for 'awards'...

and finally - complete with medal!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

2010 Christmas photoshoot

Don't really need to say anything...other than what a little trooper you are! Thank you sweetie.

(Oh! and this was the 'chosen one'!)...the rest are just for fun xx

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A new style of writing for my girl!

Today I asked Eb to draw in Meisy's card for her birthday - this is the very first time Eb has drawn 'bodies' rather than a head with legs coming from it! tooooooo cute! xx

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ruby in Yendon

After we left Healesville Graham headed home and we stayed on because we had another appointment with the RCH for Ebony's leg.
After that we took the train and went and stayed with Ruby (one of Eb's Suixi Sisters) in Yendon, near Ballarat, for a few nights. We had such a lovely time .... and the girls just took of from where they left on the weekend! It was a fun few days!

there was an attempt at sleeping together!....

and some breakfast shared!

a visit to the local indoor play centre

then I found a gorgeous field of canola that I couldn't resist!

and then it was dinner together!

We had such a lovely time - thanks so much Dick, Wendy and gorgeous Ruby - we love any time we have with you guys! xxx

Monday, November 08, 2010

Badger Creek Healsville and 6 beautiful girls....

It was time for another get together with the 6 girls to celebrate their combined birthdays. What a wonderful location! We had an action packed weekend really - it went in the blink of an eye for me! I felt like we just got set up in our camper trailer when it was time to pack up!

We arrived on Friday night and the girls had such fun catching up while we set up.
Next day was a visit to Healesville Sanctuary .....

Where we watched an Eagle show that had the girls (and all of us) mesmerised!

..couldn't resist capturing this lazy little guy....

Then it was party time! ..the girls had so much fun and the cake was thanks to Meiya's mummy Mandy - it was a hit!

Sunday we tried to find the Healsville Market and eventually did - then it was off for some lunch at the Beechworth Bakery in Healesville and then home. It was such a beautiful weekend for the girls and for the families in general. The sun shone and the girls played happily together...what more could we ask for!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Waratah Bay 2010

What a lovely 4 nights we had with Ruth, Chris, Mei and Master D as we call him!. 4 nights felt like a week and we enjoyed our time SO much! The girls had lots of fun and we were thrilled that Tim, Vicki and Camille could join us for 2 nights too. The girls - even in three's get on so well! It was a lovely, relaxing time. Devonte seemed to cope really well and, even though the weather was horrible, we still got out and about a bit!

bedtime stories ....

breakfast together

Master D can't miss out either!

then a trip to the beach....even in the rain!

some excitement when a crab was found!

then some time for some fun family snaps

then it was back to Chris and Ruths for some fun on their 'block'

then it was time to get ready for 'Halloween'...

with 3 very cute...but scary....girls!

bath time...

love this one of Mei and Eb

and this one of us with Mei..

.....the girls singing away

very cute one of Eb and her daddy having some fun...

captured this beautiful seagull....

and a final photo in the much loved barbie car before we left