Thursday, April 30, 2009

April video collection! part two

Fun in the park

My little bike rider

April video collection! part one

Fun at the park in Bright...and I mean fun!

The happy swimmer...

My own little dancing queen...

Dinner out

Graham came home from work and told me he had to go over to Myrtleford to pick something up and why didn't we all head over there and have dinner. I didn't really feel like going out - it's been so cold here and I just love being home in the evenings - but I didn't want him to drive over on his own either - so we all had showers and headed over to Myrtleford (40mins). We had a lovely meal at a pub. I chose a pub because I 'thought' it would be cheap. Tee Hee - the days of good cheap pub meals seem to have gone - but we had fun anyway!

Playing peek-a-boo

I LOVE this photo below - so much so I've added it to the header of my blog! but gosh doesn't she look grown up!

Paying the bill with Daddy...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Two things my girl loves to do

Swimming and Swinging!
We have been to Wodonga Pool the last two Tuesdays and Ebony is just loving the time there. To add to her enjoyment there is Aqua Aerobics happening and she gets mesmerized by the music...

Then there's the park! Oh how she loves time there and if I want to be really honest the B&B has been absorbing so much of my time I haven't given Eb the time. So today we headed out with Eb's bike and had a lovely play in the park and walk/ride. Ebony did so well I was amazed - it's been a while since we did so much exercise. She's such a little champion my girl. :) no. not biased at all!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Little ladybird and princess dancing

We had some rain finally....and LOTS of it. About 80ml of very, very welcome rain.

Anyway - it was the perfect opportunity to dress my little girl up in her ladybird gear. Won't be long and it won't fit any more! Isn't she just the cutest?!

We had to go into town because people came and looked at our camper trailer which has been for sale since before Easter. It was just too wet to set it up here at home. It sold! yeah! we're thrilled. Now we can order one that will be far more suited to the 3 of us and I really, REALLY hope we get to do some more weekends away (when it's warmer of course :).

Bye, bye much loved camper trailer.....

Then, on the same day - when we got home we lit the fire (it's been snowing up the mountain!) and she started to dance to her 'princess' DVD - it was totally cute and managed to catch one reasonable moving shot!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

When friends come to visit...

We've had friends staying at our local Caravan Park and they came to our place for dinner It's been a fun time.
Our friends at the CP have a little girl (Kayla) only 3 months younger than Eb and they played very well together. Ric and Nicole also have a little boy Jordan who is only 3 months old - so they did very, very well to camp. I had so much wanted to get down to the CP more in the time they were here - but with the B&B I was just a tad busy!
Here's some highlights of the time.

Isn't this the sweetest photo of Eb holding Jordan...and them both smiling!

Some of Eb and Kayla playing...

And then when it was all over and they had gone back to Melbourne....Ebony recovered the best way she knows how!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Guests 2 & 3

We already had guests booked in for a night next week - then, today I got a call for a party of 3 for this weekend. I went into overdrive. I had so much to do. I've learned a lot from this part of the exercise. I've had to go full on into clean/wash/dry/iron mode. I have so much washing to do from the first lot - 3 beds and I wash ALL the linen (and iron it). So - the stress levels were up a bit. But I'm getting there. At least we have another booking! From this point on I will prepare the B&B as soon as possible after guests have left to ensure that it's ready for the next people!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Uh oh - B&B blues

You can (maybe) imagine my dismay when I went in to check out the B&B area and the bath of all alive mouse! Yep - you heard right.
I don't particularly mind mice - but not in my bath....especially in the B&B area! I left it there all day and it 'relieved' itself very mice are prone to do. When Gra got home I got him to do the honours. Ah - life in the country!

Monday, April 13, 2009

A family day

Graham had to go and quote a job over in Bright - so after a very late night we were on the road to Bright. Ebony coped very well and woke up bright as a button at about 7.30 which surprised me - I thought she'd sleep longer.
Gra went and priced the job while Eb and I browsed our way around Bright (for the first time in ages I could browse without thinking of what I needed for the B&B!). It was lovely. We checked out some shops and took some photo's around town and then we met Daddy for lunch and some family time - we met a lovely family who go to playgroup with Eliza and Kate which was amazing - they have Sam 5 and Lilly almost 2 (both from Korea). They were a lovely family and it was nice to chat with them.
We then headed home to reality and a B&B to clean...I think I'll be washing for a few days to come :)

Look Mummy I can do it all by myself now!

Although a little help never hurts anyone...

Total joy at the playground...

Elevation Mt Beauty take off........

Well - we've had our first guests - and wonderful guests they were.
I was very nervous ... this is a whole new ball game for me. I love people, but this is different!
Anyway - my fears were put to bed when the lady I had been communicating with emailed me the day before they came to ask if they needed to bring along a mug for their coffee! - If I was paying $199 a night I think I'd expect a mug for my coffee...don't you? I felt so much better. I knew her expectations weren't high :)
They arrived late Easter Thursday (about 11.30pm). Welcome to the world of B&B!
They ended up being a mother and her 3 sons aged between 15 and maybe early 20's. They had lost their husband/dad 12 years ago. They were so sweet and such great guests and they left the B&B looking much the same as they found it. They were delighted and left lovely comments. Two of the boys were up about 5am each morning to go fishing.
Gra finished all that had to be done at 8.30pm the night they arrived - but there was an issue with the pump that fills the toilets - it makes a terrible noise and is situation directly below the B&B portion of our home. Needless to say Gra had to fix that on Saturday morning - it was the only thing they mentioned when I asked if everything was ok - and they weren't complaining!
So - a great start - and now LOTS of washing to do!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Babba comes to Mt Beauty

Yep! believe it or not.
I couldn't! I loved ABBA and have seen BABBA twice and really, really enjoyed them - so I was thrilled when I heard they were coming to Mt Beauty. Tiny Mt Beauty with a population of around 2,300! Amazing.
I decided all three of us should go - I mean Ebony LOVES to sing and dance.....well at least she does at home :)
It went ok - but she wouldn't budge of her Daddy's lap all night (only because he was a bit tucked in a corner where he could hear but barely see!)
For me however, it went great! I loved it. It was also great to see the people there really get into it. It took a little while but it happened and they all had a ball too. I couldn't dance because I really had no-one to dance with but I enjoyed it all the same!

Easter Sunday 09

We had a short time at home before we headed up to Falls Creek to participate in the Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Sadly Graham had to work between the Dawn Service and the Hunt and we didn't get there in time (missed by about 10 mins). We still wandered around Falls Creek Village and we bought and enjoyed a few eggs! Eb had fun on the playground ... and with her Eggs as you'll see!

We saw the Easter Bunny...but Eb was far from impressed...more like terrified!

We then went for a drive on the newly sealed road that goes to Omeo and then went off track a bit and checked out the beautiful scenery at the back of Falls was so beautiful to see!

Home for a brief while before we left for Falls Creek....

Dressed for the cold of Falls Creek....and TOTALLY enjoying Easter Eggs!

Playground at Falls Creek

Daddy and Daughter...

The 'not so cute Easter Bunny in Eb's eyes' - I think he's quite cute myself! :)

One of the views from the back of Falls Creek..

A commemorative site for those lost at Thredbo in the avalanche in July 1997

Dawn Service

Well - I decided to bite the bullet and go to our Combined Churches Dawn Service. We were to be there at 6am...yep! you heard right - 6am. I woke Eb at about 5.40 and it was a bit of a rush to get her dressed, in the car and up there...we got there about 6.10am only to find it actually started at 6.30. Not a problem really - I just caught up with friends there while we waited.
It was remarkably beautiful. The extra blessing was to experience dawn over our beautiful town - the photo's do a much better job of describing the scene than my words would. It was spectacular. All in all it was a beautiful start to the day - the various Pastors/Priests did a great job - very informal yet very poignant. What a day to celebrate - the day Christ died for me...for us.
It was worth the early morning! Even Eb enjoyed it all. We arrived home about 8am after a belly full of hot cross buns!

The dawn...

The service...

A happy (and cold) Mummy and daughter...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Funny face I love you....

That is one of the songs I keep singing to Eb....looking at these photo's you'll see why!

These two below are her 'excited' face..when she knows something good is going to happen!....

A gorgeous daughter and a darling husband

Couldn't resist's so beautiful to watch my two favorite people together!