Monday, September 30, 2013

September....spring yay! and lots of hard work for me

Wow, what a month September has been.

I feel like I've barely seen my family between trips to Nagambie, Yea and Benalla for training.  All involved overnight stays - one was 4 nights away.

I've loved the training and getting amongst people again - but I've really missed my family.

It will be evident in my photo's ..... because they're mostly about me and what I've been doing rather than about my little girl, who I've missed more than I can say.

But, the month is over and soon we'll be on our way to Cambodia and lots of fun family times again.

Early this month you and I headed to Melbourne to help Pa and Nanna sort their garden out.  Sadly you ended up unwell.  The upside was that you slept in the car!  This n.e.v.e.r. happens these days!

The street my Dad and Mum have moved into in Lilydale is such a beautiful street!...especially in Spring.  Here is a picture of their garden finished and their street.

These next few were taken on my travels around Victoria this month!  First is Myrtleford, second is around Benalla and the third is taken in the room I stayed in at Yea.  It was super special for me!

Here is a little 'reminder' you made for me to stick on my dashboard!

We did driver training in Yea.  We popped in to a coffee shop for 1/2 an hour and while we were there someone tried to reverse back in their car and trailer and took out part of the Ambulance!  Sadly that was the end of our training!

Here is the lovely Claire in action at training!

I l.o.v.e. the canola fields!

Rick and Claire who I did my training with, take in wildlife that have been injured.  Each training session this little one joined us and I was able to feed him!

Finally, this mummy was glad to be home and back to some kind of new normal....and enjoying watching you loving life xx