Thursday, July 31, 2008

Indian night

The local Tawonga School held an 'Indian' night and we had a wonderful time - firstly eating the magnificent food and then watching the children dressed up and singing traditional Indian song and dancing as well.
Eb was a bit shy most of the night and was very clingy. She kept mentioning her dear friend 'Lijah' who left for Cambodia 3 months ago and after she persisted I finally followed her pulling hand only to look up and see a young boy who is SO like Elijah only with red hair. I emailed Katrina and told her that Elijah may be gone, but he's certainly not forgotten in my darling daughter's eyes!
I took some photo's when Eb finally 'warmed up' to the crowd - she was really, really enjoying herself - so much that I couldn't get a good photo!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nana and Pa's visit

Mum and Dad have been away for three months and they are now on their way home - they came and visited us, which was so much fun - it was a bit hard because I had to work SO much - but, as always, it was such a joy to me to watch Eb with Mum and Dad. She was a bit stand offish, but that seems to be the stage she is going through at the moment. They persevered and eventually won! Mum and Dad stayed 6 nights, so it was a good stretch of time. I love having them anytime they can come!

Wate up Nana and Pa!

How lucky am I having a Pa who'll read to me and my dolly!

And a Nana who is so much fun!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Snow Show

Wow! we are having the BEST snow season at the moment and what I only recently found out is that there are FREE children's shows on Thursday and Saturday nights. The don't start until 8pm so we decided to go (with friends) at about 4pm (after 2pm you don't have to pay the $30 per car to get ON the mountain). Unfortunately Daddy is getting a bit too familiar with the road to Falls Creek and Eb had her first taste of being car sick. Poor little girl. I'm SO glad I took a complete change of clothes because she needed it!.
Anyway by the time we arrived she was fine and we all got out and played on the toboggans for about an hour and then made our way to the 'Cock and Bull' pub where we had a lovely dinner in absolutely beautiful warm surroundings. I'm sure others can relate to how cozy a room can be after you've been in the freezing snow! It was SO nice.
Then it was time to get back in our cars and head down to the lower carpark where we caught a ski lift (again for free) up to where the show happened. It was very dark by this stage, but beautifully lit along the ski lift. It was a real adventure and Eb took everything in her stride - she loved the lift although we had her extremely rugged up. Then when we arrived at the show there were so many people we had to walk (very) up hill to get a spot where we could see. Can you imagine going up a steep hill carrying 14kg's.....that part wasn't fun - but going done was much harder and much more fun - I just skated down while I tried to hold Eb between her and her Daddy! There should have been a movie camera (or maybe it was better there wasn't!). I have no idea how I made it down still attached to Ebony and still standing - but I did.
The show was a blast - lots of downhill skiing by kids and adults and 'Pete the Dragon' for the kids - then it finished with fireworks. What a great night - we had a great time. Eb stayed awake all the way down the mountain again and then we tucked her in her bed at about 10pm a very late night for my girl!

Above are some photo's of the beautiful scenery at Falls Creek

Daddy and Eb having a toboggan together

Daddy, Ebby and the snowman what would I like for dinner?

Pete the Dragon

Rugging up together!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Well - Eb has recently become a little Hi-5 crazy. Just another fun stage to go through.
I hesitated on whether we should go after The Wiggles concert - but I bit the bullet especially as it was on in Albury - a rare treat!
I'm not sure that Ebony had quite as much fun as Mummy - but it was still an experience for her. She wouldn't move of my lap again (even though darling Meiya was bopping to the music almost the whole time) - but she was glued. Luckily we had front row balcony seats - the best in the house for a ?timid? little 2yo! Another experience - another moment for the memory book! (and another fun outing for Mummy!...ssshhhhh don't tell anyone).

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Time to focus on the fun aspects

Yes, it's been a hard time, but there's still plenty of fun to be had and I'm trying in amongst my exhaustion to concentrate on the joy this little bundle of fun and love brings me. I read an article this morning - actually I've read two recently that have really brought me back to reality. The first one was incredibly sad and had me very teary. It was in a Scrapbooking magazine where they were focusing on articles about tragedies and sad times in life. One was about a family that had a perfect, beautiful daughter who was taken from them tragically by peritonitis. She was diagnosed with gastro and then 24 hours later she died in their home. Their home then became a crime scene while investigations went on - but finally an autopsy revealed the killer. This darling little curly blonde haired princess died at the age of 3.5. Reading an article like that made me so grateful for every single moment I have with Ebony. She's about to turn 3 and I cannot imagine what my life would be like without her.
The second story was about Mothers. Interestingly it was in a Scrapbooking magazine also. It talked about two different types of Mum's. The ones who live for themselves and the ones who live for their child/children. I know I'm one who lives for my daughter - I rarely put my needs before hers - and I mean rarely. But I've never seen it put so clearly in a letter and I felt proud to be the Mum that I am. Some times it's tough being a good Mum, but it's at those exact times that I recognize I'm laying the foundations for the future.

Anyway - in amongst all that, we have had some fun times that I'll share with you.

First came the 'not the camera again' photo - you gotta love it!.....

Then came the attempt at a 'pout'.....

Then came my darling sweet daughter......

Then little Meiya from Benalla came visiting for a day and the girls had so much fun playing together - there was lots of giggles. What a delight it is to see any of the gorgeous girls that share the same history as Eb. We loved the day.....

Then it was Robyn's visit. Robyn came for 3 nights and stayed 6. I think she would have stayed longer if she could have! but we had more visitors arriving that night. We had such a lovely time with Rob. I had to work a fair bit, but she relaxed while I worked and then we had good times together. Rob wasn't at all sure how she'd take to a little one around - but they got on so well it was really a joy to watch them.

While Rob was here, we had one of the locals hold a get-together for those she knew 'cause she was heading to Sydney to live with her daughter Audrey. Her partner will meet her there in a few months. Her partner is the chef at Annapurna Winery and that's where it was held. We went for what we thought would be an hour or so and ended up staying 4! Eb had a ball as the photo's show (what I can't show is the exhausted state she was in by 5pm!).

Then Rob left and Roedie, Jeannette and Roedie's parents arrived for a night! It was a wonderful evening. I was SO grateful when Roedie offered to take us all out for dinner - even though it had been cooked it was easy to freeze and it meant I could have a night off and really enjoy their company. What a special evening it was. Roedie's parents don't speak english - only Dutch, so everything had to be translated - but somethings really don't need words and it was obvious how much they enjoyed our darling gir. Unfortunately not many photo's were taken - but here are a couple.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This is hard!

I just don't know how people do it? I'm not judging anyone - but I'm afraid being away from little girl is one of the hardest things I've done.
I know I'm exhausted and maybe I'm not thinking particularly clearly - but this is the 4th day out of 5 that I have had to work. Usually I leave her with Tanya - but today I couldn't. Either way has it's pitfalls. Eb's been so wonderful going to Tan's, but the last 2 times she's cried when I leave - that's very hard. Today I took her with me while I was cleaning - she was beside me when I picked up a vase from beside the bed to dust under it and it fell apart. I was shocked and may have let out a sound - whatever happened it reduced Eb to tears and then both her and I were sitting on the floor in someone else's home crying. I sobbed actually because I never, ever planned that I would have to work while I still had Eb at home. It's so sad when you see your dreams change into something you never wanted. Life has been very, very challenging and we have had to put our home on the market which has broken both Mummy and Daddy's hearts - but we are looking forward to a time when we are not struggling to make ends meet all the time. This wasn't the plan at all, but unfortunately a business we had back in Melbourne (a franchise actually) was going to be bought back from us and they have now renegged - it leaves us in a very dicey position (very long story). Anyway, we're both hanging in there - but some days are really, really tough. Today is one of them. I have another 3 days of work ahead without a break and it's very physical work.
Hard work isn't a problem for me - leaving Ebony is. Or having her beside me but having to stop her doing this or that or simply not being about to really 'be' with her is just too hard. I've tried to get my head around how others do it - but I'm afraid I just can't. Maybe having to wait SO long has made me more aware of how incredibly precious each moment is. I hope that I won't have to continue this work load for too long. If our home sells it will certainly relieve the financial burden. God knows - I know I don't.

Friday, July 11, 2008


What fun it's been - 2 weeks of darling Renee here with us. I'm feeling terribly sad now she's gone. I cried lots when she left - poor Eb didn't know what to do. But I thought I'd share some of the photo's I've taken (or Renee) during the past week.

in Renee's PJ's

poor Renee trying to have breakfast!

an action shot of Eb playing on the cushions

Renee took this - it's Eb and Tanya who is spending a lot of time looking after my girl - we are coming to know and love this precious girl - she's so sweet and so beautiful with Eb and Renee adored her too.

after a long day working it was out for dinner!

and dinner was yummy!

then it was snow bunny time :) - how cute is my little angel?

a snowman had to be made of course!

and together of course!

my gorgeous snow bunny

and her cute boots

my gorgeous girls


this is fun mummy!

I really am so sad - but also so glad - that I feel so sad. I don't remember ever leaving one of my Aunty's places and feeling really sad. Renee said she cried lots on the way home too (Gra took her back). I feel totally blessed to have two very special little princesses in my life - and even more so that they get on so well.

Till next time precious Renee - and there WILL be a next time sweetheart!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

A visit from Eb's cousin Renee

We've had lots of fun! Renee arrived with her Mum and Dad on Saturday 28th and they stayed until Tuesday morning while Renee stayed! She is such a delight to have around and I know I will miss her heaps when she's gone ..... but Eb will miss her more! They have become real little buddies and play so well together. I haven't heard Eb laugh as much as she has over the past week. I think Renee gets a bit tired from time to time - but, as usual, Eb just doesn't stop until she lays her head on her pillow! We've had fun playing board games, cooking, walking the lake - you name it...and only one week has gone. Secretly, I'm hoping to take Renee up to the snow this week if we can - she would absolutely LOVE it. I'm fairly sure it's free to go up to Falls Creek if you go after 2pm - so we'll see what we can do. Renee is just so sweet and such a good child (11yo) to have around. She's obedient - friendly - happy and fun! I don't want next weekend to come!

blurry but shows the wonderful relationship these two share

it's great having a 'photographer' around!

this is the photo no mummy should take - my darling girl 'concentrating' - if you know what I mean!!!! :)

mummy looking tired but oh so happy

making meringues...well eating meringues!