Saturday, June 30, 2007

Playing in the park

Had to let you all enjoy this video too - the reason she doesn't say 'nana' when I ask her too is because she gets distracted by the people in the background. What I found really interesting about this trip to the park was that - for the first time - she got very excited when she saw the playground...that's a(nother) first!

My girl at 22 months old

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ebony's new room

I forgot to post pictures on the last here are some photo's of my little girl's new room!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Now it's 22 months and 6 months home

The clock keeps ticking....the days come and go....I'm saying goodbye to my baby and hello to my I ready? absolutely no way...not at all.
It's been a bit more difficult this month.....for many, many reasons.
Moving hasn't helped. We had to plant out our garden before we moved and then we moved over 2 weekends and packed/unpacked either side of the weekends, so it was 5-6 weeks of really hard work. Hard on my body and hard on my little girl. So many 'ubs' that had to be answered with a 'no' because my arms were full of boxes/plants/furniture. It broke my heart and has definitely had an effect on her. I haven't had the 'normal' time I would have for her and I can pick it in the way she is. I know it will pass - but at the moment I'm grieving the relationship we had. I'm grieving losing my baby girl too. I just don't feel ready to let go. It seems like only yesterday she was still a baby - and I'm so grateful that I was able to experience that stage - but now she is no longer a baby, she's a true toddler. She's growing up so quickly physically too. She's gained almost a cm per month since she was placed in our arms and she has finally added a kg to her weight. She's also finally in size '1'.
But having said all that - my love for her grows and grows. She is starting to give beautiful 'kisses' now. Not hugging much - but kisses to die for.
Her vocabulary still hasn't changed a lot - but I know it won't be too long. She's getting very frustrated because she can't get her point across and I know that is the precursor to finding the words. It hasn't been easy on her hearing one language for 16 months and then changing. She's adapted amazingly.
She is certainly becoming more independent. Yuck!!! and yet yes I know - it's all good. She still eats almost anything and still LOVES being outside. It's now getting VERY cold here in Mt. Beauty so we can't go outside except on those beautiful winters days. We've gone for a few walks together and I've let her walk (run actually!) down the hill from home. She just giggles the whole way.
We had her dedicated on Sunday and it was a truly special occasion for us. So, so many people came along to see her dedicated and we managed to catch up with many people we hadn't seen before. Ps. Allan at Careforce was kind enough to do Ebony's dedication - which was very special for me having been his PA for a few years and having traveled some part of my journey with him. I was delighted to be able to do this at Careforce and am grateful to them for 'fitting us in' a non-scheduled week at late notice. She is now 'officially' dedicated to God and that makes me very, very content.
Here are some current photo's of my little toddler for you all to enjoy....

Monday, June 18, 2007

A new place to call home

Yes, we are finally settled in our new home.
I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. The photo's below will tell you why to some extent. The first morning we woke in the new home we felt like we must have been on holidays. The mountains were covered in snow and all we could see looking from our bed was the snow capped mountains and the clear blue sky. It was like being in heaven. Each day is so different - the views are seldom identical - even though mountains don't change.
I've visited our block SO many times - I've worked there - I've celebrated Ebony's allocation on the deck there - I've gardened - I've cleaned - I've done lots and lots over the past 10 months. But nothing prepared me for how spectacular the views are from behind glass and in front of a warm fire or tucked away in bed. It's amazing and it's indescribable. I hope the photo's will do it justice.
I've unpacked every box and almost everything is in a place. I've hung most of my pictures...just need my dad back home so he can make me some more frames for the photo's I've taken!
It has been a very exhausting experience and that's taken away some of my joy. The afternoon before we were due to move in, the cleaners I had organised to clean the place in preparation for us - pulled out. I was devastated. I still can't work out how someone could do that. It was very cold and wet and there was no heating there - but I had to rug my little girl up and take her there with me and clean windows, window sills, wardrobes, bathrooms. The house had not been cleaned at all since it had been exposed to the elements during the building process. I was already exhuasted from gardening and packing and it almost tipped me over the edge. But after a bit of a 'bad attitude' session, I picked myself up and dusted myself off and got stuck into it. It came up looking great - although I have a couple of things to address here and there - but it's done. I ended up paying someone to do the more professional job of the windows inside and out once we were in which helped.
Anyway - I'm in Melbourne at the moment, but am really looking forward to getting home at the end of the week and enjoying my new home with a more rested body and and much better state of mind.
Enjoy some photo's of our slice of heaven.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Some special things about my girl...

It's been such a long time since I've posted...well for me anyway! We've moved and so much has happened. This won't be my normal wordy post but I just wanted to share some of the gorgeous things my girl is doing at the moment...
** You should see her face when she 'hears' her bottle being prepared - she is more excited about it than anything else at the moment!
** One of the gorgeous things she does is she 'hides' behind her chubby little hands when she wants to play 'boo'
** When we are out walking in the pusher she puts her hand back toward mine - just so I can hold her hand
** She is often 'upside' down in the cot when I go to do my final night time check. I know that won't be the case for much longer! It's so cute to see arms and legs everywhere and her toes where her nose should be!
** She has this habit of "drawing a big breath" after drinking's so cute - it's like she hasn't had a drink for hours and hours and she really plays on it.

Ebony is growing and changing more than I want her too - but she's a happy contented little girl - what more could I ask for???? Enjoy some photo's....