Sunday, June 30, 2013

June in review

June in review.....June is the first month of winter here.  There are times when you would never know it though.  It doesn't feel like winter most of the time.  It's like spring or probably more like Autumn.
Yes, we were long sleeves....but there's still enough warmth to dance in the sunshine....

and always time to share a tender moment with your beautiful Suixi Bear...

and, of course, time for sweet, precious sleep....

This month your Mum's Dad and Mum are making the big (well they are almost 80!) move back to city life.  We took the long weekend in June and traveled over Mt Hotham for the last time ~ to help them pack up.  Here's some moments from that journey.
The summer fires have certainly left their mark on the beautiful landscape of Mt Hotham....

but nothing can take away from it's beauty.  I so love Falls Creek which we live close to, but you can't beat the long distance views of Mt Hotham....

I forget now what my 'word for the day' was, but I asked you to come out in the back yard for a photo and this is the beauty that you gave me.....

We took a few little journeys....this day was to the beach.  We won't get there often now that Nan and Pa are in Melbourne so I took the opportunity and I'm so glad we did.  You loved exploring and I love photographing at the beach

I did take a few walks around Dad and Mum's and I loved this moment where the barren trees and the sunshine combine to show such beauty.

On our way home Mt Hotham put on it's beautiful white dress ups just for us....a way of saying thank you for all the times you've traveled over me and it's like it just knew that I loved driving through the snow and seeing the winter wonderland.  I feel such wonder when I do.
Thank you for your beautiful, spectacular, dreamy display....I was so delighted.
Hope to see you again some day....

On a beautiful Saturday morning the 3 of us headed out for a walk on the 'Gorge track'.  We hadn't been on this walk before.  It was a special few hours where the 3 of us just enjoyed nature and each other.  
I was lucky enough to capture this moment between daddy and his little girl.  Precious, precious, precious.

Just beautiful moments with your daddy...

or just being the fun little cherub you are.....

or even a pensive moment....

Some of our mornings have shown the splendour of creation....this one was particularly special

and some mornings are everyday school mornings where I still delight in the beauty of little you

Nights are never boring LOVE dancing and singing...even on the coffee table!

some days are made even more special because you bring me home little creations from school

and then there are my 'word of the day' to photograph where I am taken back in time to when you were placed in my arms.  The Orphanage children make these and we were given one as a momento.  The word for the day was 'Prized possession' and this truly is.  I love it and it brings back very special memories when I look at it.

Here you are just being you.  I so love you honey and I love how this photo captures the essence of the joy that you bring to my life....

This month we had a 'super moon'.  I didn't get to take one on that particular night.....but I got one a night or two later and loved the effect of the clouds.

Here is your classroom.  Nothing special, nothing fancy, but a great memory of your time in Grade 2...

Uncle Tez is here and we took a day and headed out to get some wood for the fire.  It took us a bit to get there and we sure had some fun times the 3 of us, but what got me most is your willingness to help!  You're a star xx

here's a little taste of the fun we had :)

Mind you......time in the car with your iPhone did happen too :)

At the moment our beautiful pondage is drained.  I used to walk around this a lot.  I still love it and I see beauty in it whether it be empty or full!

Another word for the day : Today was "someone I love" that right!

I did my first morning of photography for our Church today.  While I was playing with the light I practised on you......and captured this little bit of lovely xx

and, of course, I couldn't resist adding this bit of beautiful.....oooohhhhh your beautiful heart xx

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Learning to feel

We're at Pa and Nan's in Lakes Entrance for the very last time.  We're here to help them move.
We've had such a lovely time...although it's involved a lot of packing, we've still managed to have a lot of fun together.

One thing we did today was watch a movie from the 'Love comes softly series' by Jeanette Oke.  I wondered if you would last the distance with a movie that had no animation and quite a few older people themes.  It's a beautiful story, sure it has it's hardships, but it's beautiful still.  A movie thats centre focus is on God.

I struggled through tears quite a few times...especially at the beautiful ending.  My tears doubled however when I saw you wipe a tear from your eyes.  I was stunned and touched.  You had obviously understood the complexity of the story in some innocent way and it had touched your heart.

You certainly touched mine by allowing it to touch yours.

What a precious mummy moment.  One I hope never, ever to forget xx