Saturday, October 27, 2007

some special things about my girl....

Ebony is growing so fast and she has some super cute ways about her...

* She loves Playschool and especially the wonderful CD her Suixi buddy Camille gave her - she loves the song 'open yut them' - I don't think you need explanation - it's very funny to watch the actions and then hear the words.

* Daddy calls her monkey and now, as soon as he does, she says 'e e e' (monkey noise)

* She knows lots of animal noises and when she says them it is a real crack up - especially the pig!

* She is just the cutest when I go into her in her cot in the soon as she sees me her face just lights up and she gives me the most precious grin.

* Whenever I change her nappy or her clothes - as soon as I stand her up she just gives me the biggest hug you could need to say what that does to my heart!

* She's now starting to say her's 'Ebo' - another one you really have to hear to believe! She's also attempting to say the names of the other 5 Suixi girls that were adopted on the same day.

* She still loves her food ..... when she sees food - if she doesn't she rarely asks!

* She loves picking my fuschia buds of my precious plants (aargh!)

* She happily walks from our place down to the main road with me - not a long way but it's very, very steep.

* Her whole demeanor changes as soon as her eyes fall on her daddy - he's just the best!

* She can look at photos now and recognize Dada, Ebo, Pa, Nana, Bec Bec, Sizzie (Lizzie), Jess, Cis (Chris), Enee (Renee) - she's doing really, really well with her attempts at words.

* She loves her bath again and now she loves showers too.

* As soon as she sees the Nappy Bag she says 'car'.

* She's now starting to try and climb out of the bath (and learning it's not a safe thing to do!).

* She has no fear when the geese hiss at her when she's sharing around the scraps we take over to them. (well most of the time anyway).

* She loves spending time in the garden with us ...... helping (?).

* She's still in size one - but only just. Two's are just too big though!

* Her favourite game is 'chasy' around the house.

* Her favorite toy is ??? I think her lego at the moment...and Humpty Dumpty which she brings to us every morning after her bottle (yes she's still having am and pm bottles most days - misses pm a bit more now) and she wants me to sing 'Humpty Dumpty' over and over and over and over and over....get the picture???? She also has a 'learning puppy' that she loves - you push various parts of it's body and it says what it is the colour it is and then sings a well know tune. It also says 'Z(ed)' instead of 'Z(ee)' which is much more Australian!

* The first thing she says after she leaves her room in the morning now is ... "po" - short for bottle (no idea where that one came from!!!!

* She's joining in much more at playgroup now - and she's not so worried when I'm not around. I actually left her with carers for the very first time just recently while I attended a 'Positive Parenting Program'. She was just down the hall, but after she settled down (which took one visit by mummy) she was great for the rest of the time....although she was happy to see me which was lovely.

* She's just finished her 4th water familiarisation lesson and she's loving it and doing really well. Puts her head under water without tears and kicks lots.

I think that might be enough for now :) - just for some 'facts' - she's now 87cm's and 12.1kg :)

Back soon......

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My five batch buddies and me (from Ebony)

Wow! what fun we've had. We got together with the other 5 girls that were adopted on the same day as me and we've had a really great time!
We left on Friday because it was a long drive....we arrived in Yendon, near Ballarat, and I started to play with my Suixi buddy Ruby straight away...we had lots and lots of fun together. Mummy says I slept really well again! I wasn't feeling very well, but I still had lots of fun.
On Saturday we woke up and we got ready for the combined birthday party - all six of us girls turn 2 within four months - so we've decided that each year we'll celebrate in October - which is right in the middle. I don't know what it all means really and I'd been a bit cranky mummy said, so I went to bed at 11.30am and didn't wake up until nearly 3pm!!!! mummy said I nearly missed the party....I didn't care - there was still lots of fun to be had and plenty of really yummy food. We girls all had fun together and there was so much to do. Ruby's mummy and daddy live on a farm so there was animals to see - a great cubby house, swings and slides and .... a gorgeous puppy dog for me to love. I had SO MUCH fun.....not to mention all the great presents I got - mummy said I'm very spoilt...not sure what that means either but the gifts are sure great. I got a Playschool Humpty Dumpty - a cooks apron and tools - a great cubby house that I can't wait to use and a really special book, hair clips and a bath mate to wash myself with (it's a ladybird too!). How lucky am I !!!!
We stayed with Ruby until Monday, so we had lots of fun on Sunday too and then on Monday we went home via Ballarat where I went to Gymbaroo with Ruby - it's a sort of fun kids gym and I had a ball. It was a long drive home, but mummy said I did ok really. She said we left Ballarat at 11am and didn't get home until 6.15pm - that's a long time (whatever time is).

Anyway - mummy says everyone wants photo's - so here are some from the weekend.

party time! yipee

Ruby and me blowing out candles six girls in our special jackets for a photo shoot

Me, Eliza and Ruby in the bath

me and Ruby ... the morning after

This is good fun (don't you love the position of the fingers!!!)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lakes Entrance/Phillip Island/Lilydale....home

Wow! what a trek it has been. Ebony and I have traveled 1500kms together and we're both so happy to be home...but it's only for a few days and then it's off to our 6 Suixi SWI girls get together in Yendon near Ballarat (I'll cover that one next!).

Lakes Entrance was great. It took 4 hours in the car which wasn't bad really. The whole family gathered for at least one night and then, on the Sunday, we celebrated Ebony's birthday (again!) as a family. It was a lovely few days - Ebony enjoyed good fun times with her cousins and with her Aunts, Uncles and Nana and Pa. We went swimming one day - which Ebony loves and other than that we barely left home - one walk and that was it - the rest of the time was spent simply enjoying my family. Here's some lovely photo's.

Having fun in Lakes Entrance

Gosh it's hard to get four girls to smile together!

My family and then ..... my family!

..and then another birthday cake!

Then came the next leg of the journey. Another 4+ hours to Phillip Island.
I had no idea what to expect of this camp for the Families with Children from China - but I was thrilled with the whole experience. The rooms were great and so was the food....but the company was the best part! I got to spend time with lots of people that I care about and people that have walked this journey with me at different stages in different ways. It was a life-changing event and I hope never to miss one. My only regret was that Gra couldn't be there - but I'm sure he will be next time.
Miss Ebony had a ball - the change in her from day one to day five was remarkable. She has always been social once she's over her shy stage - but not as social as she was by day five! She disappeared (not out of my zone) and when I caught eye contact with her she was dancing around with two other little girls - it melted my heart to see her so happy with other children - I don't think she'll ever really be the same after this week and I'm thrilled! Here are some photo's taken at the camp.

Two precious Suixi girls painting together!

We did our own photo shoot amongst the beautiful flowers

...and had lots of fun with the baby animals at Churchill Island

and then - on the last night - Ebony enjoyed the 'sea theme' as an octopus beautifully made by my mum (thanks Ma).

Sadly, I don't have photo's of my stay in Melbourne - other than the last day, on the way home, when we stopped in to visit Ebony's buddy's from Suixi - Mei and Camille. We had a lovely time with them (and their mummy's).....

Camille - the oldest by three days over Ebony....playing

Mei - the youngest of the group being her cute cheeky self

the three girls with Camille's mummy....and Mei 'stealing' the sandwiches :)

Then it was back home to Mt. Beauty...ready for the next adventure this be continued :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

12 months ago it was in my dreams.....

I don't know that I'll ever, EVER fully understand the overwhelming feelings in my heart when I look at my daughter sleeping.
I'll post soon about my trip away - but I've just been in to check on Ebony because she's unwell again with tonsillitis and it's been a tough few days for her - but how can I ever put into words how much I love her. I look at her sleeping and see her closed eyes - her raven black hair - her perfect rosebud lips - her chest going up and down as she struggles to breathe through her tiny, petite little nose. I know I've said it before - but how did I get so lucky? She's perfect - she's adorable - she's SO worth the wait. God got it right - He alone knew exactly how right she was for me and I guess me for her.
Yesterday we went for our first 'official' swimming lesson and on the way home she was so totally exhausted (we returned from over 1500kms together the night before!!!) that I actually had to stop twice on the side of the road just to soothe her and settle her. She's so beautiful - so totally special and .....I don't know what else to day except - THANK YOU LORD for the gift of this precious girl - the one I pray every day will come to know YOU as her best friend and me as her confidant and friend on this earth