Monday, April 24, 2006

Life Lessons

I haven't been well over this last week and it's given me time to read. In the last couple of days I've finished a book called "The Waiting Child" and in the last 1/2 day have read the book "A Treasury of Adoption Miracles". I have learnt SO much. Now - finally - it all makes sense. Now I see how we are the lucky ones - God chose us because He knew we could do it. He knew we could love a child from a different culture - one that has grown IN our hearts - although not under it. Deep in my heart I have felt that a lot of my purpose has been to fill the empty place in my heart - now that is a an added blessing. What an amazing God we have - what an awesome journey it has been over these years - and what a privilidge to know that God knew all along what I didn't. I have cried many tears over the past days - each page I have turned has opened my eyes to the struggles and challenges that lay ahead - but they are tears of joy, expectation and readiness. Praise be to God.


Bernie said...

Dearest Jen, I am sharing your journey every step of the way. God's timing is always perfect - I know with the (relatively) short 2 years we waited to conceive Bec. I kept asking why and I kept asking when but when I finally just let myself be in God's hands and plan, I found peace - and then the joy! I love you both and I pray that God will continue to heal hurts and bond you and Gra together (stronger than Tarzan Grip!) so that together you will be the awesome parents God has planned you to be. And I pray that He hurries it along a little too :)

Anonymous said...

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