Sunday, September 24, 2006

Meet some of my special friends

Tomorrow I hope to post more information on the next round of allocations - which could be a very exciting post - but before then, I want to introduce you to 2 of the children that have recently returned from China - Gabriella, who I spoke of earlier in the year and now Aislinn - who only returned on the 10th September. The first photo is Gabriella on the grass at playgroup - then Aislinn's referral photo (in the cane chair) and then Aislinn on her first day at home after flying in from China with her mum and dad (in the bottom right corner) - Derek and Sandi who were in our Education sessions. Both these little girls are so beautiful and it's a delight to be part of their lives. They both have wonderful and loving parents and being so far away from them is one of the sad things about living up here in Mt. Beauty!

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