Thursday, May 06, 2010

Royal Childrens Hospital - visit #2

This visit left me reeling a bit. I went prepared for a bit of a measure up of Eb's leg and not a lot else. You may imagine my surprise when Dr Chris asked me how Eb was going with her Ultrasounds. What Ultrasounds I asked? There seemed to have been a bit of a breakdown in communication between Dr Chris and Ebony's Pediatrician. It seems that what they think she may have is "Hemihypertrophy" and it's best if she has 3-4 monthly ultrasounds to monitor her liver and kidneys. Around 2 in 10 children suffering from this get tumors in their liver/kidneys.
I was floored and, as a result, got to the car with a million questions in my head.
I've contacted Ebony's Pediatrician and am waiting to hear back from him....and just trusting God.

how sweet....

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sheepchaser said...

Hi Jen,
Thanks for your blog - really wonderful to read your news. We're an Aussie family currently living in the US but about to return to Melbourne after years away. We've recently found out that our son has hemihypertrophy, and we're trying to be as prepared as possible for when we land. I'd be very grateful to find out more about which specialists you'd used at Royal Children's - you mentioned a Dr Chris - or any other relevant doctors, support groups, etc. My email is
So many thanks for any assistance you can offer.
Best regards,