Sunday, June 06, 2010

Another action packed journey to Melbourne!

First we arrived at Mark and Bernie's and I went to the car to unpack some things and this is what caught my eye!

I thought it was really quite beautiful!

Then it was story time - aunty Bern is the BEST story teller! xx

Next day we went to visit our special friends Jaz and Sunny. Eb and Sunny play so well together considering they don't see a lot of each other! It is always so beautiful to see them play together - Helena and I have shared a journey together and our little girls are the result of our journey's...
Here Eb and Jaz share afternoon tea together....

And this one is of the twins. Darling Sunny has CP - you can visit her site at

She is an absolutely darling and I love both girls to bits.

Then it was time to celebrate the reason we had come down....Lizzie's 5th birthday! The girls all woke very excited and Aunty Bernie got stuck into the cake....

And then it was off to the party!

Our last stop on Sunday before heading home was to the beautiful Miss "E" - one of Eb's Suixi buddies. As you can see - Eb had fun as she always does! We, of course, loved seeing "E's" Mummy and Daddy too!

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