Monday, November 08, 2010

Badger Creek Healsville and 6 beautiful girls....

It was time for another get together with the 6 girls to celebrate their combined birthdays. What a wonderful location! We had an action packed weekend really - it went in the blink of an eye for me! I felt like we just got set up in our camper trailer when it was time to pack up!

We arrived on Friday night and the girls had such fun catching up while we set up.
Next day was a visit to Healesville Sanctuary .....

Where we watched an Eagle show that had the girls (and all of us) mesmerised!

..couldn't resist capturing this lazy little guy....

Then it was party time! ..the girls had so much fun and the cake was thanks to Meiya's mummy Mandy - it was a hit!

Sunday we tried to find the Healsville Market and eventually did - then it was off for some lunch at the Beechworth Bakery in Healesville and then home. It was such a beautiful weekend for the girls and for the families in general. The sun shone and the girls played happily together...what more could we ask for!

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