Monday, April 11, 2011

Dromana - Suixi girls get together #1 for 2011 and another tooth down!

Wow - the fun of these holidays have begun. They are going to be busy!

We left Melbourne at about 9.30am and arrived in Dromana at about 4.30pm - only stops were morning tea and lunch and a couple of quick things in Melbourne!

We were so lucky to arrive on a beautiful April evening with a temperature still at about 24 at 6pm! Needless to say we quickly unpacked and raced down the beach to capture the most amazing sunset....plenty of time for me to practice with some sunsets....and a very gorgeous subject! xx

Then it was back to our accommodation and we waited until the others arrived. I had a bit of a late night up chatting (so unlike me!) but it was lovely. We were up and at 'em with 4 lively girls first thing Saturday morning and headed down the beach and waited for the other 2 families to arrive. When they did, the girls all just took of where they last left off. It's amazing to see them so happy and so comfortable with each other - but what has stood out to me this time is how much there are three definite pairs now! As long as they're happy - I am!

Then it was back home for some yummy spag bol for the girls and some delicious take away Thai for the adults. Another lovely and fun night was had by all and the girls basically went to sleep really well!...after doing some art and having some fun together of course (and showers/baths). Oh and some fun with sparklers :)

The next morning was more craft! even before breakfast and in some cases before they were even dressed :)

Then one of the families needed to hit the road, so we made an attempt at a 'Suixi girls photo'.....

And then 5 of the 6 families headed to the Ashcombe Maze. The girls had more fun that I can describe here - considering the weather had turned quite bad it was a great afternoon.

Then it was off home .... but only after you lost another tooth VERY unexpectedly (Sun 10th).

I had just put you to bed and you called out and said your tooth was bleeding - I went in, had a look and then sent daddy in. He came out with tooth in hand and you did it yourself!

Thankfully the tooth fairy knew where to come. What was also amazing was that one of the other girls - Meisy - lost one that same day! Amazing.

Here's a photo of my little girl minus 2 front teeth xx

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