Thursday, July 07, 2011

Our first visit to the snow....2011

I love going up the snow. It's freezing and it isn't really 'pleasant' but it's fun! My sister and my niece Renee came up from Melbourne and I never dreamed my sister would agree to going up but she did and I was thrilled. Sadly, when we arrived, just in time to catch the gully chair lift up to the bowl - we found it wasn't operating and we had to walk up! Half way up the fireworks we missed the ski show - but the fireworks were still great and Ebony and Renee still had fun! The snow is amazing - what a great start to the season!

snow making in progress...

the amazing snow on one of the buildings....

one of my favorite photo's of the night...

my little cherub enjoying snow ball throwing!

Renee enjoying the snow!

she looks so tiny!

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