Sunday, June 09, 2013

Learning to feel

We're at Pa and Nan's in Lakes Entrance for the very last time.  We're here to help them move.
We've had such a lovely time...although it's involved a lot of packing, we've still managed to have a lot of fun together.

One thing we did today was watch a movie from the 'Love comes softly series' by Jeanette Oke.  I wondered if you would last the distance with a movie that had no animation and quite a few older people themes.  It's a beautiful story, sure it has it's hardships, but it's beautiful still.  A movie thats centre focus is on God.

I struggled through tears quite a few times...especially at the beautiful ending.  My tears doubled however when I saw you wipe a tear from your eyes.  I was stunned and touched.  You had obviously understood the complexity of the story in some innocent way and it had touched your heart.

You certainly touched mine by allowing it to touch yours.

What a precious mummy moment.  One I hope never, ever to forget xx

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Ricky said...

I too thought it was so very special. Eb is maturing in lots of ways. Really notice the change in her. For one thing she was very comfy with us, also she amused herself with the Barbie' s I had kept out for her and hadn't packed them. Good decision!!!!