Friday, November 18, 2005

The beginning

It doesn't really matter how we came to be at this point - we haven't been able to have children and it's been a long and hard journey. In May 2004 I had lunch with a special friend of mine, who has shared some of my infertility struggles through her own difficult journey. She and her husband were leaving to move to overseas in a matter of weeks. When we talked, she mentioned something about adoption. I had talked about this in the past, but Graham just wasn't ready. The conversation with my girlfriend started and finished and I didn't think much more about it until, a couple of weeks later, Graham and I were in Bali and it came to my mind. I mentioned it to Graham and all of a sudden - he was ready! As soon as we arrived home, I went into action and found the next Inter-Country Adoption Information Session was on the 2nd August (which was about 2 months away). We registered - went along - and nothing has been the same since. We both knew China was the best choice for us - not that we had many because of our ages - particularly Graham's. So we started the long process of paperwork - medicals and cheques! We were required to do our life stories - mine ended up about 19 pages and Gra's was about 13. It was a lot of work. Through a miracle, we were able to get into Education Sessions a little earlier than normally possible - so this part of the process was over by early December 2004. As soon as Education sessions were over, we had to do our Country Project. I really enjoyed this part - although we were under quite a bit of pressure to get everything done and in by Christmas. It happened. By the end of April we had completed our 4 Social Worker visits and were told we would be recommended to adopt. We were relieved and thrilled. Then more paper work and finally on 3rd August 2005 our file left for China and we became part of Batch 22. We have 3 other couples from our Education Sessions - Col & Mandy, Ruth & Chris and Kate & Jim - along with Richard and Wendy and a very brave single - Vicky. Now we wait! Our "batch" met all together on the 6th November - which was really exciting. We took 4+ weeks in Sept/Oct and travelled over to British Colombia/San Francisco/New York/ Niagara Falls/Chicago/Miami/Grand Canyon/Los Angeles. We had such an incredible time - our last trip together with just the 2 of us! Graham's letting me pick a name (we're fairly sure we'll get a girl) - so I'm working through that issue - and contemplating the nursery. We've been given some furniture - which has been such a blessings. So that's it in a nutshell to date - keep posted for more!