Thursday, November 17, 2005

Our Journey to our daughter in China

This is the story of our journey to our adopted daughter in China. The journey so far has been a rocky one with lots of bends and obstacles throughout the years - but we know it will all be worthwhile. Our names are Jen and Graham and we live in Montrose - Victoria - Australia. Most of the posts will be of Jen's thoughts and feelings throughout the weeks and months ahead. We're glad you have joined us and pray you enjoy our journey.

"We asked the Lord to give us this child, and He has given us our request. Now we are giving her to the Lord, and she will belong to the Lord her whole life" 1 Samuel 1:27,28


Ricky said...

Jen,I Will set some time aside to read right through your journey to motherhood.I'm getting very excited to know that this is the year it's finally all going to happen.To think that somewhere in China this very moment is a little girl who is going to be MY GRANDDAUGHTER in a few months time.I pray that wherever she is, she is well looked after and cared for and most of all loved.In the meantime we must be patient and trust God in all this.Anxious to hear further news soon.
Love Ma X

helena said...

oh jen, my heart is sooo full of anticipation for think your journey has led to this year and the unfolding of God's plan, what an amazing God, and what an incredible woman you are, to firstly come through such a challenging issue like infertility, and then to come through it as a soft hearted, kind, compassionate, deeply spiritual woman of God who trusts in the goodness of God no matter what. i am honored to share in your journey, and can't wait to see the face of your daughter, a daughter of destiny!
love helena.

Luke & Leanne Oliver said...

Grahame & Jen - we are so happy for you both. You are such beautiful and precious people, and we are really looking forward to this waiting stage of your life being over (as are you we're sure!) so we can meet the addition to your family.
Good on you, guys! What a great site. Thank you for allowing us to share in your journey.
With lots of love,
Luke & Leanne