Thursday, July 13, 2006

Written by Jen for Ebony Grace

I did it! I put my thoughts into a poem whilst I was away at Lakes Entrance last weekend. It's far from perfect - but it comes from the heart....

My darling little Ebony Grace
How much I long to see your face
Such emptiness has my heart long felt
Yet I know when I see you just how it will melt.

A lifetime of sadness, a hole not yet filled
Yet God’s loving plan will see my tears stilled
He formed you and made you – especially for me
He’s watching your life now – as He does so you’ll see.

My love for you sweetheart seems so intense
There’s times when I wonder if it really makes sense
Sometimes I try to picture your face
And often I imagine your baby embrace.

How different my life is going to be
I can’t even express how that thought sets me free
I pray that the journey that brings us together
Will move along quickly so we’re a family forever.

The place of your birth is so special to me
As is the woman who with sadness set you free
She’s brave ‘cause she did what most couldn’t do
In the depth of her heart she lovingly knew
Giving you up was the best thing for you.

So know my sweet daughter I’ll do all I can
To love you and guide you to fulfill our God’s plan
Remembering for ever the gift that she gave
Loving you forever is my way to repay.


Marie-Andrée said...

Hello Jen
We are a couple from Montréal, Canada with a LID August 15, 2005 (very near of your LID). When I saw your blog I was excited thinking that you are going through the same emotions than us at the other side of the world. Just want to say hi and that I support you. Sorry for my english writing. My first language is french as you can probably see. If you want you can visit our blog at

Sincerely yours,

Marie-Andrée and Pierre
LID August 15

Anonymous said...

Oh sweet Jen, This poem is just beautiful and brought tears to my eyes! Isn't God AWESOME! Can't wait to enjoy cuddles with my neice - shouldn't be too much longer now. See you soon!
Love Bern

Anonymous said...

Here I am at almost midnight on the day we returned from our winter holiday up north.
I can't believe the talent in you to produce a poem as beautiful as this .I know it is just what's in your heart and you can let it flow from there.Your dad has a go at poems from time to time so you must have that gift from his side as I'm just a one liner and what's more a very small line!!!!!!!!
There is a very exciting time ahead for you and us as well and lets pray our waiting will be kept to a minimum.Must go to bed now with the lovely thought of becoming a Nana again shortly.
Love you lots........Ma.XXXXX

Kathryn and Jim said...

Dearest Jen,
your poem is just beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. I could relate to it both as an adopted child and as a prospective adoptive mother. My parents always told my brother and I that God chose us for them, and David and I believe that He did. I also know that the babies that will make us into families will have been just as carefully chosen too.
Jim and I are thrilled to have been in both your Ed group and 'Batch'. We feel honoured to share this most amazing journey of our lives with you and Graham.
Love Kathryn

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,
Have just been catching up on your blog. This poem is beautiful. Ebony is blessed to have such a loving and wonderful home waiting for her.
Love Chel
(Michelle Indikt - Scrapping)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, thanks for the update.
I just read this poem and it is absolutely beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes.
Ebony is very lucky to be having such a wonderful and loving family to be apart of.
All the very best
Michelle N