Sunday, August 20, 2006

A year ago today our file was logged in in China.

It's Saturday today and I'm sitting in my room at Mark and Bern's. We returned from our holiday on Queenslands Sunshine Coast on Thursday afternoon. We finally had what I call a "real" holiday. We only hired a car to get to and from the airport - other than that we walked and enjoyed the amazing sunshine. 22-24 degrees almost every day. We had such a beautiful location - we could see the place where the Noosa River enters the ocean at Noosaville - from our bed! (see photo!) Needless to say it wasn't hard to "lay in" in the mornings. We barely went out for meals - we just enjoyed our surroundings and felt totally blessed to be there.

There have been another lot of adoption allocations since I last wrote and the CCAA have now allocated all files received up until the 13th July 2005. We really only have 37 days between when they are up to and our date. What that means I just don't know at this stage. You would think that as we get closer it would be easier to guage - but it's still all guesswork. At least now I really do think that Ebony will be home for Christmas. It's been 1 whole year today since our file was logged in in China. It's also been the toughest year of my life. But I KNOW it will be worth it.
How am I feeling? In total upheaval. We have come home and now we are really unsure of what to do. We are both leaning toward me giving up work and going to live in Mt. Beauty and trusting God that the finances will work. I just don't feel that I could live apart from Graham. It doesn't seem right. I'll know more on Monday and will post soon after, but I think my days in Melbourne are now numbered. We both do.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe it's a year. In some ways it feels like it was years ago and in some ways it feels like only yesterday.

I've been so looking forward to having you around - but it seems it wasn't quite meant to be afterall! Just follow your heart and God's plan and all will be right, I just know!

Love you lots and just want to see you happy.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jen,
I love the photo, August must be the month for watching a year pass. renn and I where married (after living together for 7years) last year on the 18th of August. We also just came back from QLD holidays yesterday.
You and Graham are in our thoughts, my love and strenght to you as things work themselves out.
My tender thoughts are with you while you await more news on the Ebony front.

With much love
Jacinta and Renn