Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day - Forever Day 2010

Sadly today didn't end up even close to what I had planned - for so many reasons.

The biggest reason was the fact that I backed the car into the garage door (from the inside) and it really did my day in. I just couldn't really pick myself up. Thankfully we had already done the gifts with Eb so that didn't take away from her day - but we didn't celebrate our Forever Day - by the time the evening came I was so emotionally exhausted I was a wreck.....and add to that the fact that we had a huge day with Graham's family the next day. Anyway - here are some snippets of the day...not brilliant photo's though :(

...and to add to the day - the cubbyhouse we'd been holding for Ebony ended up being WAY too small for her!

and some fun video's to enjoy!

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