Saturday, September 04, 2010

Fathers Day and floods

Wow have we driven through some water today! I don't remember ever seeing so much rain or floods like these. I know there have been floods many times before - but this is the first time I've seen them.

On our way home from Avenel we stopped in at Benalla to see how they fared. They are cut off in the middle so people can't drive through the town and one end can't access the other without going out onto the highway......

here's some Benalla sights.....

...this is where the main road was cut off...

the local oval....

the Arts Centre which doesn't normally have water under it

...the swimming pool that is completely covered!

another local sight in Benalla that is usually way out of the water!

the Shire Offices....

then we were on the road again and we turned into this on the 'Snow Road'....lucky we had a 4WD!

....hmmmm anyone wnat to buy a property!

poor moo cows!

the Oxley picnic area!

Between Hume Hwy and Myrtleford...

the Ovens river broke it's bank well and truly!

the entry to Myrtleford - they would only let 4WDs through

the view of the normally unseen Kiewa River near home

and this is normally a creek

this is where we normally swim...but it's normally a quiet running creek! and most of what you see is car parking....

the creek is the small (usually) section under the bridge we are on - it's a trickle between the trees usually

Then it was home and time to celebrate Fathers Day!

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