Saturday, September 04, 2010

A visit to Nana and Pa and then Dan, Bron and Lilybeth

Today we set off to Alexandra and then Avenel to celebrate Fathers Day with Graham's dad in Alex and then with his son in Avenel. Little did we know that this would end up being the day of major flooding in Victoria! It rained steadily the WHOLE day. We drove through a fair bit of water on the way to Alexandra, but when we left Alex for Avenel we encountered a LOT more! This first photo is taken near Graham's son's home - we had to go the long way because I just didn't think it was worth trying to get over this river! We had a trailer on the back with a QS bed on it and it could easily have got caught in the 'drag' of the river (which is obviously normally a creek!).

We had a lovely time with Gra's Dad and Mum - the photo tells a lovely story!

Then we made it to Avenel where we both (well all 3 of us actually!) enjoyed some time with Dan, Bron and darling little Lilybeth. She is so gorgeous! Graham was a very happy Dad and Gramps when he woke with his son and his grand daughter (and his daughter) around him on Fathers Day!

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