Thursday, June 02, 2011

Farewell Souhail....

Goodbye little man. Your time here was so, so short. Your parent must be feeling your loss so deeply.

Today I went to Souhail's funeral. I've never been to a funeral for a really young child....and I never want to go to one again. Souhail was 7 months younger than Ebony. It has really done my head in...and my heart.

He was a dear little man - he contracted Leukemia about 6 weeks ago. His mummy and daddy brought him home and he wanted to do things like 'go and feed the cows'. As a result of his time at home he contracted a virus and in 4 days he was gone.

Rest in the arms of Jesus little man. The children at school released balloons for you. Darling Ebony is struggling in ways even she doesn't understand...and so am I.

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