Monday, June 13, 2011

A fun weekend in Lakes Entrance

We visited my Mum and Dad's place (while they are holidaying up north) with our dear friends Dwayne, Susan and Sarah. The snow on the way over was amazing to say the least. It was like there had been a 'sudden' cold snap and the ice on the bottom of signs and trees was on an angle. I so wish I had taken some photo's!
Sadly the only beautiful day was the Saturday when we girls decided to go to Bairnsdale for some 'retail therapy' (which we just don't get in Mt Beauty!). The next 2 days were wet, wet, wet! Be we still had fun and made it to Metung for lunch on one of the days. Metung is one of my favorite places. The girls coloured while we chatted and then we had a delicious lunch together. After lunch we were able to go for a walk on the piers in front of the Metung Hotel. It was a fun weekend all in all :) ...oh! and we stopped for a bit of snow play on the way home!

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