Thursday, May 16, 2013

An adventure and a car

Well, another adventure.  I headed of on a dull and dreary Wednesday to pick up a car from Adelaide.  I flew from Albury to Melbourne and then from Melbourne to Adelaide.
I don't fly well at the best of times these days and I exhausted every possibility in the hope that I would be able to go by train (or at least part the way by train) but it worked out cheaper to fly.
It was a huge day ~ I left home at about 9am and arrived in Adelaide at 6pm.
The gentleman I was buying the car from picked me up from the airport and drove me to his place where I collected the car and headed off.  The pictures don't show it....but it was horrible below the clouds!  It was pouring when I left Adelaide at about 7.15 so I decided I just needed to get as far as I could. I made it to Murray Bridge...nothing like as far as I hoped.  It was raining so hard I just didn't feel confident in a new car.
Stayed in a quirky motel and settled in for the night.
Next morning I listened to the owner of the Motel and stayed long enough to visit the RAA to get some things sorted out.  I didn't help anything sadly, so I was a few hours behind in getting away.

I drove many miles and along the way, once place I stopped in was Nhill (the hospital where I was born) and Kaniva, where Dad and Mum took me home to.  I have no memories at all....but it was just interesting to go back there.

I was just too exhausted and couldn't make it home so ended up staying the night in Shepparton.  I was glad I did and actually had a lovely dinner on my own in a Thai restaurant there.  I was glad to be home and now this beautiful Suby has a new owner!

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