Saturday, November 30, 2013


November was 'Suixi Girls Birthday' month!  We love the Suixi girls gatherings :)
But, of course, that was only 1 weekend.  Lots of other things happened too.

I smile when I look at your attempt to spell bicycle....


After we arrived back from Cambodia Mummy was very unwell.  We decided to head straight to one of our favourite places - Omeo.  Your teacher has her home there (it's on the market but we are getting to use it when we can).  It's a beautiful spot to come and just enjoy the mountain air and have a rest without tv.  A great time for daddy and daughter to play games too.

This Suixi get together was in Echuca.  I absolutely loved this venue for some reason.  We were all close together around the pool and the kids had an amazing time again.
Starting with a spa bath together!

Fun times at the playground.

Birthday celebrations....

It ended with a trip on one of the old paddle boats.

We went and spent a night with The Grant family and you and Ashlee had a lovely time catching up.

Of course you still totally enjoy being beautiful you!

We had a visit to the Royal Childrens Hospital for a check up of your leg.
We have to go back in 2 years.  You will have been through the 9yo growth spurt so they will have a much better idea.

We then met up with Mel and Sophia for a fun cupcake decorating hour.

A visit to Lilydale lake...

watching Lizzie play basketball...

and the usual fun times with Lizzie.

I managed to snap a couple of images of you.  Love both of these!

You personally are sponsoring Roseanne in the Philippines.  We put the sponsorship in your name and you selected Roseanne.  She is born in April of the same year as you.  Compassion are wonderful with how they keep communication open.  You would love to meet Roseanne one day.

Of course, you are still absolutely loving tennis!

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