Wednesday, January 01, 2014


The month we love so much!  always a busy month, but also always time to reflect on the true reason for the season.  Jesus.
You understand the reason for Christmas and you love putting the Angel on the top of the tree.

It's also the time that Santa sends you a Christmas message all the way from the North Pole!

We always do a photoshoot for our Christmas cards!

You and I took a walk around the pondage at Mt Beauty on a beautiful summers day and we were delighted when we saw a mother duck with her beautiful little ducklings.

Susan and Sarah came on one of our walks to Pebble beach - you girls love Pebble beach!

There was a Kids Production at Northgate.

You got an award from the Principal for your reading efforts.  I loved that you received this - it made Daddy and I very proud.

The school sang at the local Carols.

Last day of school I had to send you a little message :)

Then it was Christmas Day with all it holds.  The love, the joy, the celebration of the birth of Jesus....and did I mention the presents?

We drove down to Melbourne to surprise our family....only to find I was on call and we had to head home way too quickly after we arrived.
Lizzie came back with us though so that made it worth it!

You baked and decorated cakes....

You rode bikes and skateboards....

You showered together....

finally, you had a lovely time down at the river on New Years Eve!

Here are two final video's of 2013

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