Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What will today bring?

Good sound sleep is becoming a thing of the past. I guess it's a bit like being in the very last stage of pregnancy. I'm awake far more than normal. I'm up checking emails at ridiculous times of the night. I can't think straight - and yet there is an incredible sense of peace.
We are staying with my brother and sister in law at the moment (and their 2 beautiful little girls!) - my sister in law (Bernie) is checking the CCAA site more often than I am, which is so sweet.
The reality is that we are most likely included in this next lot of referrals - but I really can't fully go there yet. I won't until it's official. I truly thought we would hear Mon or Tues - so I'm hopeful for today.
I don't want to wish away time - I have full faith that all things will happen when they are meant to and I don't want the time to go quickly when Ebony is home - so I must be patient now and enjoy this time and it's excitement.
The next post should be the one I've dreamed about posting for such a long, long time.

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Anonymous said...

Hoping that the CCAA will update there site soonner rather than later!

big hugz

oh and your quilt piece is in the mail!