Friday, October 13, 2006

Today is what some would call Black Friday - not us though!


Well, don't things change a lot in one week!  I've been laid up after having knee surgery on Monday (everything went incredibly well) and today was my first chance to get back and see the progress.  I was thrilled!  Everyone's been working very hard (except me!).  The first photo shows what will be the kitchen.  The second photos is taken standing in the kitchen looking through the lounge.  The third photo is the view from the office!  Gosh I can't believe how incredible it looks.  We both feel totally blessed.

We've had a few issues this week with engineering and bracing - but so far so good. Trusses should be up in the next day or so and windows arrive on Monday! WOW.

In amongst this we patiently wait for news from China. We have to head back down to Melbourne Monday 23rd as we have a new employee starting and I have to have my post-op 
appointment. I truly hope that during that week we will have really good news!

Life has its twists and turns - but if I can leave it to God it works out as it should.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Those views are to die for. I hope the guest bedroom has them ha! See ya's soon. Love T&T

Anonymous said...

Looks BEAUTIFUL Jen - I'm almost as green as the view! Hope the knee heals painlessly and the news comes quickly. Lovely to see you last weekend. Love Penny XXOO

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I looked to catch up on the building progress.It must be so exciting for you as I am.Looks great.
Love Ma.XXX

Bernie said...

WOWWEE - I can't wait to come up and see it for real - only 7 more sleeps!
I'm glad things are progressing well and even gladder that the end of October is nigher (is that a word? Oh well!) See you in 7 sleeps!
Love you lots - Bern