Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Our new home has started!

It's been 10 days since I posted. Already 10 days! it's so hard to believe that in another 20ish days we hope to hear the news we've waited SUCH a LONG time to hear. China is celebrating a National holiday this week - so most businesses close down. This could mean referrals are delayed by a week. Only time will tell.
Now for an update on the building. Below is a picture of where we are at as of today. The builders started on Monday 25th September and spent the whole week here (they are staying with us). The were due to go back home to Melbourne today, but ended up leaving on Monday because the frame and trusses have been held up and won't be here until next Monday. Our first delay. I'm actually glad because the home we are living in is ours again (going to have to get used to that changing!). Anyway, the weather was spectacular for the builders last week and they got lots done (and so did we!). We had to come back down to Melbourne on the weekend for Aislinn's Christening in Werribee. It was a LONG weekend, but it was lots of fun. A quiet week for me this week - just catching up on things - doing some craft and getting ready for surgery on my knee on Monday and the builders return.


Anonymous said...

Looks like your house is going to be amazing. Ment to tell you when I was on the phone, have a look at scrapbooking Australia web site and find the new 'My Space' wall unit/table perfect for all scrapbookers. If you are interested, I can get you one!!!!
Might have to wait untill your new house is built to fit it in.
Time is drawing near that your little family will soon become 3. Can't wait, it will be even closer to perfection than it is already.
Would love to come one day with the girls, maybe camp at the park for a week this side of christmas when school finishes, would be a lovely break and fun to spend time with you both. But you will hopefully be in China!!!!!!
Love always

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos Jen, your making me homesick for my childhood.
Love your niece's car by the way, nearly made me cry just reading it.
I am holding onto hope that you hear soon and that you have a december travel date.

much love Jac(Jacinta)

Chelley said...

wow the view from your new house is going to be WONDERFUL!!!! and hopfully you will be in China in no time at all!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,Somehow it's taken me days to have a look at your blog and what a sight to see the floor plan. I'm just a little crook on you Jen to have left the corner off my bedroom, hope I won't have my feet exposed to the frost in winter.No all jokes aside it looks great, can't wait to come up and see it and it will be progressed so much further.Amazing it's almost half way through this month and before we know THE BEST NEWS OF ALL NEWS WILL BE HERE.WOW!!!