Friday, November 10, 2006

Introducing our little girl....

We welcome you to the place in our hearts that you have filled for sooo long - we love you already, without seeing you in person. My heart weeps happy tears every time I look into your beautiful eyes. I love that you look so happy and that you are waving to us.
We are waiting for you our little miracle and will be there to bring you home as soon as we possibly can.


Sarah said...

How georgeous is Ebony!
I can't believe it! I don't know how you can believe it either.
CONGRATULATIONS. I'm dancing with joy for you!
love Sarah V

Anonymous said...

oooooowwwwwhhhh, she is scrumptious!! cute little nose! soooooooooooo precious, can't wait to see a picture of her in your arms....finally!! she will be worth the wait.....
what a christmas gift!!!!!
smiling and crying for you at the same time,
love helena.

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful Jen, so beautiful.

I don't believe I've ever been so touched and happy for someone who has had a baby. I am telling your story to everyone I come in contact with, and well up every time (feeling a bit silly actually!!!). Meeting her, and seeing you as mum for the first time will be such a joy. You have been inspirational throughout this journey and I thank you for the priviledge of being able to share in part of it.

Wishing you sweet dreams of your baby girl until she is in your arms,

Love Penny XXOO

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little face.
What a wonderful early Christmas present.
Perhaps we wil travel to China at the same time.

boss said...
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boss said...

Cute. I wish you the best of luck. Children are a blessing

Marie-Andrée said...

Hello Jen,

you must be so happy !! She is just beautiful! I know how you our referral at the same time....what a precious moment of happiness....
Marie-Andrée Pierre

Anonymous said...

Oh Jen and Graham this is just wonderful! She has a sparkle around her.


Anonymous said...

May she make your life full of joy and happiness. She is just beeeuuuwwwdiful. Lots of love
Tan & Tony